Michael Lundberg · Dec 27, 2016

ODBC refuse to take credentials on the fly from a .NET applikation


I'm trying to connect to one of our Ensemble servers Cache database from a C#-windows form . I'm running the client from my local computer with OS win7.  Using .NET FW ver 4.5.2 in the client.

ODBC local setup using "InterSystems ODBC35"

In this ODBC konfigurationview i can put my userID and password and try a testconnect (or ping). And that run successful.

However, we don't want to leave credentials in the ODBC-configuration it self (open up for anybody to use the source) but instead send it from the klients.

I have try all three ways from and they all return  odbc-errors in different ways.

But if i just use:  "cn.ConnectionString = "Dsn=MyDSN" it works and it seems to use the credentials configured in DSN.

I'm using Ensemble version 2015.1 local and server i try to connect to via odbc is running ver 2014.x

EDIT 2016-12-31

 Problem Solved. Instead of use:

DRIVER={InterSystems ODBC};SERVER=myServerAddress;DATABASE=myDataBase;

I used;

cn.ConnectionString = "Dsn=ODBCNAME;UID=MyUID;PWD=MyPw;";

and that worked out for me


Michael Lundberg

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Sorry Michael,
I assume this is out of date meanwhile.