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Where can i get the latest odbc providers from SQL Server 2012/2016?


I see some posts on line to  an ftp site out there but I am unsuccessful at getting access to it.  I have a version loaded on my server but get errors when querying cache'.

"[Cache ODBC][State : 22005][Native Code 22005]" 

Any help would be appreciated.

the one we have might be version  2014.01.05851  64 bit (would that make sense?)



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Hi Ken,

Would you just clarify from where and to where you are making the query? If you are querying Caché over a ODBC connection the Caché ODBC driver (CacheODBC35.dll) is installed as standard.

If you are looking for the ODBC driver for the Microsoft SQL Server database you may be able to get it from here,




Thank you Rupert -

We are querying to a Cache instance from a SQL Server.  Intermittently - the sql server shows the query never finishes leaving us to reboot the sql server without knowing what happened on the cache server.

Hi Ken,

I am assuming that you need the Caché ODBC drivers rather than SQL Server?

How big is the query data?

Could you share details/screenshot of the ODBC connection you have set up in SQL Server?