ODBC data source problem with Entity framework in Visual studio 2019 class library

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I have a visual studio c# library (.net framework 4.7.2) where I want to use EF.  I cannot see my ODBC connection in datasource when I select a ADO.NET Entity Data Model for EF designer for database.

I followed the installation for CacheEF.zip file. (C:\Cache\Cache2010v2\dev\dotnet\bin\v4.0.30319)



Any Ideas,


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Hi Kurt,

Check if you are using ODBC 32 or 64 bits. Maybe there are two applications (one for each configuration) and not all ODBC connection are displayed.

I'm using ODBC 64 bits and my connections are availables

Also, check if your ADO .Net driver is for 32 or 64 bits compatible.

I hope it is help for you,