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ODBC connection timeout while loading from big data tables


     I am trying to load all the data tables from one iris server to a client server but some of the tables data failing to load all the time. But I can load around 100 tables successfully  but 8 to 10 tables are failing all the time. I made an IRIS odbc connection using odbc driver to load the data from tables.

Also I can see read server loop error message on the iris server side as the same time the table loading fails.


Please find the screen shot attached which shows the error on client server.



Can anyone provide me an advise how to fix the issue.





Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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Please find the ODBC error below.

2023-07-24 02:05:48 [SQLCODE: <-400>:<Fatal error occurred>] [Error: <<READ>ServerLoop+18^%SYS.DBSRV>] [Location: <ServerLoop>] [Client info: <Username: , Node Name:  IP Address: , Executable Name: , Internal Function: DQ>] [%protocol: <57>] $Id: //adhocs-iris/2020. $ 24006 0

Follow up to @Dmitry Maslennikov:
Error on IRIS side:  ACCESS DENIED  ODBC can't connect ===> timeout
The most likely cause

  • you run multiple ODBC connections in parallel
  • you use the same fixed USER for access to IRIS
  • maximum license slots by user is ~25
  • once you pass the limit your 25 slots get converted to 25 single licenses
  • any further connection consumes a full license 
  • until you run out of available licenses ==> ACCESS DENIED
  • you can get out of that trap only if ALL connections of that user are closed 

You can avoid this by

  • limiting your ODBC connections below 24
  • or run your ODBC access in  serial mode
  • or use multiple users for access with limit <24