Fernando Zañartu · Mar 3, 2021


Where can I download the Cache ODBC drivers?

Where can I download the Cache ODBC drivers for Windows?

I need to connect to a cache database by odbc but the FPTs that I have found do not work, 
could you tell me where to download the ODBC drivers

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those are the IRIS drivers, I need the drivers for CACHE, anyway thank you very much

trying with those drivers I got the following error: InterSystems IRIS ODBC driver is not compatible with Cache xDBC server

Thanks for the public repository.
Helps a lot and saves time.

Try to acess in your local machine this folder. There are some examples to acess the database.


Only customers with the corresponding paid valid service have access to the download from WRC (see in the price list the section Services Fees: Software Updates, Technical Assistance).
Those who use the Community Edition or who have expired, can not download anything from there.

Therefore, in this case, open resources, such as Github or FTP, are more preferable.

Good Afternoon,

I am trying to download the cache ODBC driver.  Is there a username/password for the FTP site?  Is the FTP site still valid?

Thank you


I agree, I am trying to get the ODBC drivers for the InterSystems Cache product.  Anyone able to assist?

What does the JDBC driver have to do with the question about the ODBC driver?

Unlike JDBC, the ODBC driver still yet needs to be registered in the OS (at least for Windows), which is what the installer does.

I have already written, but I will repeat again: not everyone can download from WRC, but only registered customers with paid technical support.

There is an exception only for downloading the Community Edition version from WRC through the service

The very first message contains a link from where you can download the ODBC-2022. driver for different operating systems.