Open Exchange App ObjectScript Package Auto Publishing is Now Available on Open Exchange!

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Hi Developers!

I'm pleased to announce that ObjectScript package publishing is now generally available on Open Exchange with this November 2019 release!

If you want your ObjectScript application to be published in ObjectScript Package Manager just enable "Publish in Package Manager" option:

And send the app on approving.

Once the application is approved it will be published automatically in ObjectScript Package Manager Registry and will be available for installation via ZPM client.

See the details below.

What are the requirements?

The application should be open source published in the Github repository.

The repository should contain module.xml file in the root which describes the module.

Pick the right name for your package and classes

ObjectScript source code folder should be placed in a special order - read more here.

Read how to create a module.xml and test it before publishing.

Here is the template of the ObjectScript app with module.xml which is ready for automatic publishing.


Copy it and submit your applications to ZPM which will make its installation as easy as:

zpm: USER>install module-name

in terminal or 

zpm "install module-name"


Stay tuned!







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Shouldn't it be

zpm "install module-name"

in dockerfile?