Open Exchange App [November 7, 2019] Webinar: AI Robotization (Python, R, Interoperability) for InterSystems IRIS

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We're back with more AI, more ML and more presenters!

We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming webinar in English: AI Robotization (Python, R, Interoperability) for InterSystems IRIS on November 7 at 11:00 EST!

  Machine Learning (ML) Toolkit is a suite of extensions for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in-platform with InterSystems IRIS. During this webinar we will present an approach to robotizing AI/ML, i.e. making it run autonomously and adaptively within constraints and rules that you define. Self-learning neural nets, self-monitored analytical processes, agent-based systems of analytical processes and distributed AI/ML computations – are all the topics to expect in our webinar.

Three demos are on the agenda:

  • Realtime predictive maintenance
  • Self-monitored sentiment analysis
  • Distributed AI/ML computations involving cloud services

The webinar is for expert audience (Data Science, Data Engineering, Robotic Process Automation) as well as for those that discover the world
of data science. As a preparation, we would recommend revisiting our previous webinar’s recording.

Time: Nov 7, 2019 11:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Update. Download the presentation.