Malcolm Needham · Nov 8, 2017

Node.js version

Does anyone know where to find a cache.node that works with Cache version 2016. I am currently getting  this:

Error: Unable to load shared library C:\InterSystems\TryCache\bin\cache.node''

I am using Windows 7 Pro + SP1.


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The version of cache.node must match:

- the OS you're using (in your case 64-bit Windows)

- the version of Node.js you're using - you haven't specified that

Unfortunately InterSystems so far haven't done the sensible thing and publish cache.node in NPM, so you may or may not find that the versions of cache.node included with your Cache distribution support the version of Node.js you wish to use.

Thanks, Rob! Yeah, I'm not sure what version of node.js I have. It just appeared in my Program Files directory, but the properties don't show the version.

You need the cache610.node file for Windows 64 bit


Ah-ha! Do you know where I find that Rob?

Hey Rob, I was able to get it working. I used an old version of cache.node - cache0100.node and renamed it to cache.node then installed Node.js 0.1. at first, it could not open the database, and I had to enable %Service_CallIn. After that, I was able to retrieve global directory.

Hi Malcolm - I hope you mean Node.js 0.10 :-)  0.1 predates even my earliest experiments with Node.js in 2010!

You'll need to talk to your ISC account rep to get the latest cache.node builds.

So the next thing you need to do is look at QEWD.js ( to see how you can really begin to use Cache with Node.js productively


Yes, type 0.10. I know you have a great product with QEWD. I work as a VA contractor and I am getting ready to move to a new project where they want to use node.js. I will definitely tell them about QEWD! Thanks, Rob!