Yakov Berger · Oct 27, 2020

Newbie - DTL Test Tool Works - DTL Doesn't

Newbie Warning...

I have a DTL which accepts HL7 2.3:ORU_R01 And Transforms to Custom Request Target

the target request contains  an array of a custom class named OBXobj with some %string properties which  Extends (%RegisteredObject, %XML.Adaptor)

in the DTL i have a for each loop which should copy OBX segments to the the request.

the DTL test tools works and builds a XML with the OBX info.

when running the Production i get NULL in the Object.

see attached images


1. Test


2. Message sent.

3. Transformation

Whats my problem?


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Thanks for your help.

switched to %SerialObject and all good!