· Apr 8, 2022 1m read

A new way to browse globals

I would like to introduce my new project for the Globals Contest. A very new view for the globals browser

It offers fast access to all namespaces and directly to databases, just from one list. Calculate free size, separately for each database, or for all databases at once. And sorting.

Dive on namespace or database level, will gives access to get size for each global separately or all of them, and sort by size.

Export selected globals may produce XML or GOF format and packed with GZIP as an option.

On the global level, it's easy to select the subscript to dive, and filter by amount of subscripts to dive. Endless scroll helps to load faster and and easily see the next portion of found data


There are still many features in mind, at least to make globals editable, and more improvements for search, as well as endless updates, for real-time globals.

Stay tuned, and vote on the contest

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@Robert Cemper, why did you provide such a low assessment for the tool in your review?

I've just tested the repository: it builds and works as expected:

You can follow the instruction, but I did it with VSCode:

1. Opened Visual Studio Code with Docker and ObjectScript plugins installed. Cloned the repository in VSCode.

2. Right-click on the docker-compose.yml file and choose "Compose Up" in the menu.

3. Once it builds successfully it indeed goes with a random available port. But this is done intentionally to not force you to stop other docker images if they own the port. To start the application comfortably just click on ObjectScript menu in the bottom bar to choose Refresh - it will find the port and show the user menu.

4. Choose Globals menuitem and start using the app.

What's wrong, @Robert Cemper ?

What ENV variables do you mean?

Hi @Evgeny Shvarov,

I run my Docker Desktop on WIN10 
And with my setup, I have reviewed more than 300 Docker build sequences

Always focused on how easy it is for the average consumer and how well the description fits reality.
This package forced me to exercise settings that were just not needed before
And (differently from others) there is not the slightest signal in the description of that requirement.
It's some *KIT*  stuff and the official doc doesn't care much about WIN.
it finally moved along. and others should be warned [getting rid of it was another story]
And the result was something that I see multiple times daily in my SMP instances.

Nice screenshots from VSCode.
Just to be clear: I tried but will never use VSCode as long as I have my Studio available.
And I never touched it in any of my reviews or other situations.