· Jul 24, 2019 1m read

A new version of the yape (Yet Another pButtons Extractor) docker container has been uploaded to docker hub.

Available at:

$ docker container run --rm -v "$(pwd)":/data yape/yape --version
yape 2.2.6

See the readme at:

Changes include:

  • Reinstate config file, make some more changes to smarter x and y axis.
  • Update line style choices in config file.
  • Solve for yyyy dates and yy dates or bail out. Make date string consistent for windows title (drop decimal places), add short day to title. 
  • Increase decimal precision for y axis less than 10, eg for windows sec/read is seconds not ms like linux
  • Some minor fixes after update python libraries.

Today, GitHub and the container are in synch.

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