· Nov 25, 2023

New CACHE.DAT file


I have a database drive which is getting full and almost getting out of space. My retention policy is for keeping 3 days worth of data. Seems like I have to modify my code for daily purge as it seems like not doing the complete job. In the meantime, I was looking to move the current CACHE.DAT files for a couple of my databases with maximum size and create a new .DAT file to replace. Can anyone kindly guide on the process?



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Product version: HealthShare 2018.1
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Purging every N days should keep the database size almost constant, assuming a constant number of messages.

Unless you have some other database classes that keep growing.

Are you purging message bodies too?

What kind of messages does your production use? HL7 only? Other messages?

You may have orphaned messages in your database.

Regarding moving a CACHE.DAT, can you stop the system for the time it takes to copy the file to a different filesystem/drive?