Rodolfo Moreira · Jan 10, 2020

MSSQL ODBC Connection Error (NativeError: [11001] )

Hello, I need to use IRIS to connect to an MSSQL base.
It has to be done via ODBC, I can't use JDBC at this time by client option.

I am trying to use Microsoft Driver

But I can't, my attempts result in:
Connection failed.
SQLState: () NativeError: [11001] Message:

I have done all DSN configuration, and my configuration is listed in SQL Gateway Connections. I know it's working, because when I run a test with isql I have the information that connects to the bank.

This is my IRIS and Server configuration:
IRIS for UNIX (Ubuntu Server LTS for x86-64) 2018.1.1 (Build 643U)

1 0 1 194


ODBC driver

Install the Microsoft ODBC driver according to your Linux operating system version by following the tutorial below:

 The driver is usually installed here:



Symbolic Link

The file is usually located in the /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ folder.

If not, use the command to find the location

find / -name

After finding, create symbolic link in the <iris-install-dir>/bin folder using the command below:

ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/


ODBC Gateway 64-bit

The Microsoft ODBC connection requires a 64-bit Gateway connector, and the current one is not able to make the connection, so you must run the following commands in the <iris-install-dir>/bin folder:


Backup the default Gateway:



Copy Gateway 64bits, and leave it as the main gateway:



Irisodbc.ini Configuration

Change the <iris-install-dir>/mgr/irisodbc.ini file by adding the information below:

 And add the following setting

[ODBC Data Sources]

Libracom = <NAME>


[ <NAME> ]

Driver = /opt/microsoft/msodbcsql /lib64/

Database = <DATABASE>

Server = <HOST>

Port = <PORT>

UID = < USER >

PWD = < PASS >

locale = en_US @ collation = binary



SQL Gateway Connections

For Gateway connections the configuration created in the List must be displayed.

After configuration, click test connection to verify that it worked.

The message should appear: Connection Succeeded