Daniel Kutac · Jun 21, 2016

MSM Workstation having problem with $double(0)

Customer is using an ancient MSM based client Workstation for their application and they made a small change to their server code. They introduced property of %Double() and discovered an issue. The MSM workstation is not able to retrieve any property of an object instance that holds value of $double(0). see images illustrating the issue.

I'm posting this to DC intentionally before I eventually send it to WRC so others can comment.


Image 1 - data

image 2 - UI

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Their client app is a GUI built in MSM-Workstation, correct? And presumably this app is talking to Caché using the InterSystems VisM.ocx, right?

Assuming VisM.ocx dispatches a double-precision value using the correct datatype, maybe MSM-Workstation's COM handling code doesn't deal with that datatype correctly.

Can they test VisM.ocx in a different client to see if it works there when retrieving their double-precision property?