· Oct 12, 2023 1m read

Groups and tags on DC explained

Hey Community!

Today we've decided to shed light on another important topic that, apparently, stupefies some of you. It's the usage of Groups and Tags. The former is required, but the latter is not.

When you're creating a post, there are two seemingly similar fields after the body area - Group and Tags.


Groups are mostly the names of InterSystems products and services.

So when you're writing a post on the Community, you need to choose carefully which product is your post about. In most cases, it will be only one of them, unless you're writing about using VSCode with IRIS, for example. In this case, you will want to choose both of them.


Tags allow you to describe what your post is about more precisely. You can choose from the drop-down list the language, technology, OS, domain etc. Of course, there can be more than one tag in a post.

So if you wish for your post to reach the right kind of people, which is especially crucial for questions, it's important to choose the correct Group and Tags. This way, other members will not waste their time on something that is not relevant and, on the other hand, they will see what is interesting to them.

If you're not sure what the name of the tag (or group) means, then most likely you don't need to use it ;)

We hope it clarifies a little the usage of Groups and Tags ✌️

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