Carl Osborne · Apr 11

MIT Hackathon - Sample Patients


We are preparing for the MIT hackathon and noticed that when using the cloud services for FHIR, there isn't enough or any Patient data to test the FHIR APIs.  Which sample patients can we use?

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In the FHIR Accelerator you can head to "Data Management -> Bundle Operations" and find sample scenarios in there.  At the end of the day theses are bundles generated by Synthea so you can upload populations you create from that tool directly in for your use.  If you want some help generating a specific population give us a hint and can help with that during that hack.


If you look under the "Bundle Operations" tab of the Data Management section of the IRIS FHIR Accelerator (of FHIR Server) deployment, you will see a variety of Synthetic Data Sets, including one with 390,346 resources you can easily select and load into the FHIR Server. If that is not enough, you can generate Synthetic data yourself ( and upload it into the portal.