Evgeny Shvarov · May 1, 2020

A Milestone: 250 applications on Open Exchange!

Hi Developers!

Excited to share with you that this week we reached 250 applications published on Open Exchange!


Thank you for sharing your open-source and commercial solutions running on InterSystems IRIS with InterSystems Developers Community and make your coding life more effective and happier!

A few other facts:

Open Exchange has been started in November 2018.

The current monthly audience is about 6,000 unique users and 540 registered members who download about 700 applications per month.

Thank you for your involvement and contribution!

Happy coding!

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An incredible successful result.
It proves that the developer community was waiting for it!   [for many years]
I have to add that the organization and moderation deserve some extra stars!       * * * * *