· Jan 25, 2018

Migration Cache 2007 to 2017


I am beginner with this system.

I would like to do a migration of Cache.

I have at this time a windows XP with Cache 2007.1.5.802.0.7279.

I already install on a windows 10 the version of cache 2017.1.1 Build 111

The question is how do i have to transfer DB from the old pc to the new one?

Thank you very much for your help.

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Welcome to Caché!  

Moving a database is really straightforward:

  1. Find the database definition in your 2007.1 instance in the System Management Portal
  2. Note the physical Directory where the cache.dat is located
  3. Shut down Caché and make a copy of the cache.dat file located in that Directory
  4. On your 2017.1 instance create a new database definition in the System Management Portal an point the Directory to the location of the copy of the cache.dat that you copied from your 2007.1 instance

Hope that helps!


Pls. be more specific on "It is not working."
+ what would you expect to work
eventually you have code and data separated, then it's more than just a single DB
various mapping may add even more DBs

You should get previous releases from WRC based on your service contract.
But be aware: from 2007 to 2017 there have been  15..20 releases.   
Each with changes + release notes that may affect you. 

If I was doing this I would do the following:

  • Configure your 2017 instance with the same Namespaces/Database as the 2007 instance
  • On the 2007 instance - take a Full Backup
  • On the 2017 instance - Restore the Backup

If you need/want to configure the 2017 databases to different locations than the 2007 instance, that's fine, just specify the new locations when using ^DBREST to perform the Restore.