· Jan 25

Meet Enrico Parisi - New Developer Community Moderator!

Hi Community,

Please welcome @Enrico Parisi as our new Moderator in the Developer Community Team! 🎉

Let's greet Enrico with a round of applause and look at his bio!

@Enrico Parisi is a Senior Consultant at GAIVOTA Consultin SA (Switzerland). 

A few words about Enrico: 

  • The first two systems I worked with using InterSystems technology were a PDP-11 running M11+ and a VAX 11/750 running M/VX. Too many years ago to count! 😊
  • Since then, I've used most, if not all, InterSystems products up to IRIS and HealthShare.
  • I'm Italian, living in Switzerland, and I work as Senior Consultant at GAIVOTA Consultin SA; we provide professional services for InterSystems and other technologies.
  • Curiosity: apart from DC, I don't have ANY social account! 😁


Thank you and congratulations, @Enrico Parisi   👏🏼

We're glad to have you on our moderators' team!

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