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Maximum allowed System Tasks

Hi guys,


We have created a utility to allow users to create a System task for a list of items the same way it’s done via SMP (attached below), the problem is that there may items and those systems tasks will grow a maybe exceed a couple of thousands so :

  • First, what the maximum of scheduled system tasks we can have ?
  • Then, is there a better way we can do this without having a big list of system tasks ?
  • FYI, the system should be able to have a different scheduling times & intervals for each item

ClassMethod SetupTask(name As %String, descr As %String, code As %String, nspace As %String, dayfrq As %Integer, dayinc As %Integer, dayfrqtime As %Integer, sdate As %String, edate As %String, stime As %String, etime As %String, timeperiod As %Integer, tpday As %String, prior As %Integer) As %String
    s test=##class(%SYS.Task).FindId(name)
    i tpday=$c(0) s tpday=""
      s name=$e(name,1,16)
    s exists=##class(%Dictionary.ClassDefinition).%OpenId("ClientTask."_name)
    i exists="" d CreateTask^cvCreateTask(name,code)
    s Id=""
    if test="" {
        s x=##class(%SYS.Task).%New()
    } else {
        s x=##class(%SYS.Task).%OpenId(test)
    s x.TaskClass="ClientTask."_name
    s x.Name = name
    s x.Description = descr
    s x.NameSpace = nspace
    s x.DailyFrequency = +dayfrq
    s x.DailyIncrement = +dayinc
    s x.DailyFrequencyTime = +dayfrqtime
    s:sdate=0 sdate=""
    s sd=$zdateh(sdate,2,,,,,,,"")
    i sd="" s sd=+$h
    s x.StartDate = sd
    s ed=0
    i edate'=0 s ed=$zdateh(edate,2,,,,,,,"")
    i '+ed s ed=""
    s x.EndDate = ed
    s st=$ztimeh(stime,2,"")
    s x.DailyStartTime = st       
    s et=$ztimeh(etime,2,"")
    s x.DailyEndTime = et
    i timeperiod'="" s x.TimePeriod = timeperiod
    s x.TimePeriodEvery = 1
    i tpday'="" s x.TimePeriodDay = tpday
    s x.Priority = prior
    s x.RescheduleOnStart=1
    s status=x.%Save()
   s Id=x.%Id()
    ;d x.%Close()
    q Id

cvCreateTask ;
 q ""
  Set cdef = ##class(%Dictionary.ClassDefinition).%New("ClientTask."_MyClassname)
 Set cdef.Super = "%SYS.Task.Definition"
 Set pdef = ##class(%Dictionary.ParameterDefinition).%New(MyClassname_":TaskName")
 Do cdef.Parameters.Insert(pdef)
  Set pdef.Default=MyClassname
 Set mdef = ##class(%Dictionary.MethodDefinition).%New(MyClassname_":OnTask")
  d cdef.Methods.Insert(mdef)
  s mdef.ReturnType="%Status"
 s code=" "_code_$c(13,10)_" q 1"
 D mdef.Implementation.Write(code)
s status=cdef.%Save()
 w !,"cdef status=",status
  d cdef.%Close()
 d $SYSTEM.OBJ.Compile("ClientTask."_MyClassname)





Product version: Caché 2014.1
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There isn't a hard limit on the number of tasks, but you may run into licensing issues. As you set them up, you choose the user they run as, so if that user has too many connections going at once, or if they're run as more different users than you have licenses for, there could be an issue.