· Feb 22, 2018

Management Portal - Deployment process

Hello guys,

Based on this article (others as well, but this is the relevant one):

I have been playing around with the Management Portal deployment tool, which involves:
Ensemble > Manage > Deployment Changes > Deploy and
Production Settings > Actions > Export
Production Settings > Actions > Re-Export

Everything was going fine , until I came across this:

- For the default settings, once I include them in the final xml and deploy the package into another production, by checking the default settings screen to the new production, I spotted that the the original production name remains there. This is useless for me, because I was expecting the settings to now be tied up to the new production. Is this an expected behaviour?

- Another issue is that once I export the xml (including default settings for instance) and say that I forgot to include other items. I come back and use the Re-export button, but once I pick the previosly generated xml file and the list is loaded on the screen, I don't see the default settings and schedules on it. Again, is it supposed to be like that? I guess the purpose of the Re-Export would be saving time.

Moreover, I've got a few other doubts:

-Is it feasible to include a SQL script in the xml and have it executed before/during/after the deployment process? Because we need to fill in a specific database table in the database before the actual deployment is done.

-On the export screen where I can pick the suggested files and also add custom ones, I noticed a deficiency: I can't pick many files in one go. Imagine I've got 100 custom classes to add? That would be definelty painful. Is there any workaround for this?

Thanks in advance!

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