Logins expire too quickly & create inconvenience

DC Feedback

Whatever the current login cookie expiration is set at is too short. I consistently have to log back seemingly every time I visit, even if I visit daily.

Contrast this with, say, my Gmail login, which lasts for weeks or months at least.

Worse, when I go to a topic but am not logged in and want to comment, logging in takes me to community.intersystems.com, not back to the topic.

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That's strange, I don't think I've had to log back in once since the initial time. Could this be a browser thing? I'm using Chrome 47.0.2526.111

I don't see this either. I am using Safari. Just had a quick look at the cookies, what looks like the session cookie expires for me at February 10th.

But I agree that you should be redirected to the page you looked at after you log in. 

I haven't seen this either. Please let us know if this is still happening.