· Dec 7, 2016

Login Routine

Hi all,

         Which routine use to get username and password (telnet) ?

cache version :Cache for Windows NT (Intel) 5.0.21 (Build 6408) Tue Jan 3 2006 13:28:20 EST




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Hello Sansa,

I feel that I will need more details in your actual needs before I can be of actual assistance:
could you maybe expand a bit more in what you are trying to accomplish?

Back in the Caché 5.0.x days, we already had a system class %System.Process that could be used to retrieve several pieces of information on the running processes, including the UserName associated to those processes.

Very basic example of its use to retrieve the UserName of my Telnet login into a 5.0.21 instance:

%SYS>s Job=##CLASS(%SYSTEM.Process).%OpenId($J)
%SYS>w Job.UserName

But as you seem to also want to retrieve the password associated to a UserName, I may have misunderstood your needs..

The actual login for Telnet sessions is performed within the ^%MLOGIN routine, if that may be of any interest.

Let me know if you may be looking for something completely different than what the %SYSTEM.Process class offers.