· Mar 4, 2016

Load classfile directly from server

Atelier shows the classes on server side as non editable grayed versions.

Is there a way to directly load class file from server and just start to edit that version?



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Dmitry's answer should be what you need. I'd add that the paradigm shift between Studio and Atelier can take a little getting used to. With Studio we're accustomed to thinking of the code in a namespace as the "source of truth". We pull the code from there, change it, and push it back in order to store our changes (and to run the amended code). With Atelier we're more likely to be pulling code into our local filesystem using a source control provider, then editing it, saving it to our local filesystem, and eventually pushing it from there back to the source control repository. Using this mode of working, we only push it into a Caché namespace in order to run/debug it.

Well we have all classes in svn each as xml format  file, and we have a means to load those to namespace. And when saving & compiling those same classes from atelier it seems to do right thing with studio hooks. Now if we could fetch class to be edited  from namespace that would easy the transition as a team to atelier. No need to rush all  coders at a same time.

Now if we would like to try atelier, we need first convert all  sources to atelier file format in svn ,  and that seem to me as a point of no easy return. 

No, I don't think you have to switch over to the new paradigm until you're completely ready to (e.g. no-one using Studio anymore). Instead, follow Dmitry's steps, creating an Atelier project containing any of the classes that you want to edit. Don't hook the Atelier project up to an Eclipse source control provider; your namespace and the existing server-side source control class should continue to function the way it always has done.

This is how we anticipate existing users of our Deltanji (formerly VC/m) source control product will deal with the introduction of Atelier.  And perhaps not just existing users, seeing as Deltanji is available as a free Solo edition.

It's not completely right, after migrating to 2016.2 and later versions. You still can use both Atelier and Studio, even with sources in UDL format. With $system.OBJ.ExportUDL() and $system.OBJ.Load() in Studio Hook you can export and import in UDL format. So, in this case, will be much easier to migrate from Studio to Atelier in a team. But any way you should convert your sources from XML to UDL.