David Satorres · Jan 9, 2019

Limit to Ensemble queues

Hi all,

Does anyone knows if there is a limit per second adding messages to an Ensemble queue? I have a Business Service working and sending async requests to a Business Process, but I can't reach no more than 60-70 messages queued per second.

I've done several tests and same behavior seems to happen with all our productions. So I was wondering if there is a parameter anywhere to maximize the number of requests that can be send to a queue per second.

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What type of business service are you using? If you are using a single job on the inbound, I guess you're hitting a limit on how fast the adapter can work on handling each message (in your case, you're getting around 15ms per message)

You could look at increasing the pool size and jobs per connection if you're not worried about the order in which the messages are received into your process.

I'm using a process that is reading from a global using $order, it's not called by anything external. When removing the call to the BusinessProcess it makes a lot of operations, but when it comes to enqueueing the call it takes several milliseconds. Actually, if I clone the BS and run them at the same time writing to the same queue (even if the queue is Ens.Actor) , I reach the same number of messages than doing it single.

I mean, even working in parallel I cannot increase the number of messages put in the queue. I'm not able to write more than 60-70 per second.

The adapter is Ens.InboundAdapter, but really not using it.

You might be hitting a hard limit on the performance of the hardware you're using. Are you able to add more resource and try again?

Finally we identified a couple of bottlenecks using MONLBL utility... none of them was the message enqueueing. So, we redid the production and now is feeing more messages to the queue.

Thank you all for your help :-)