Mike Kadow · Aug 9, 2017


The data type %Char or %Library.Char

The description says it is a fixed length character field.

How do I set the fixed length?

Or by just setting %Char to something, does that automatically define its length?

Are the parameters MINLEN, MAXLEN involved? Or are these the way I set the fixed length?

Any help with this?

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%Library.Char uses MAXLEN as size:
it's applied in LogicalToOdbc and LogicalToDisplay appending Blank until MAXLEN is reached

anyting else is inherited from %String

Thank you, and why couldn't the InterSystem documentation just say that?

Documentation is the art to express facts in a way the non insiders could understand.
Engineers are quite often "unverbose" and "limited in verbal communication skills". 
In any language exept programing languages smiley

BTW. your book made things clear to me that I assumed to know for many years.

BTW. I appreciate if you accept my answer wink

Robert, I do accept your answer.

I wrote my book to give answers simply, for myself and others.

I have trouble understanding things, I am not intuitive and it take my longer to "get it"

I appreciate your comment about my book.