Vijay Share · Mar 3, 2017

Large HL7 Batch


I need to process a very large Batch file which contains HL7 charges which we pull using FTP. I need to loop through the file and do some checks and then split the large Batch file in to individual messages. These individual messages then gets process through a different module to create a output batch of different format

My concerns are

1. I do not want to load the whole HL7 batch file because it will kill the server trying parsing that big file

2. I tried looking at the Complex Record mapping,  but I am not sure if its the right approach .

3. Looking at  Implementing the OnProcessInput() Method

I know its a common scenario in healthcare, has any one implemented this kind of scenario?



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Are you looking to verify the file as a whole before splitting in to separate HL7 messages?

Thanks Michael for replying

Yes, I need to loop through each and every message inside the HL7 batch to do some batch validity check before splitting the message. I was also thinking to write a object script which will read the file line by line to do that validation. So , was checking how others have implemented the scenario where they have to process all the individual message

Vijay - As you were suggesting it seems like COS might be the most efficient way to quickly validate HL7. I've written simple checking scripts but as you know HL7 has some significant variations.

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