Mike Kadow · Apr 9, 2016 1m read

Kindle Edition of Caché and MUMPS – Part II is released

Kindle Edition of Caché and MUMPS – Part II is released

All data is present and readable, albeit with some minor formatting issues.

Thank you for your patience in waiting for the kindle edition.

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Hey Mike,  

I bought the first part of your book; I am still working through it.  Once I am done with the first part, I will move on to this second part; as matter of fact how I got the idea of reaching to you on a small matter that I have encountered.  I have been involved with using terminal scripts lately (I use GE Centricity Business), that usually do not go beyond 'send:' and 'wait for:' commands.  But I have been stuck with the message boxes since the script recorder does not record when I click 'Yes' in a message box prompt and aggressively stops my scripts/macros from continuing.  I know that this commands are labeled 'Extended Escape Sequences', but I have been looking all over the Intersystems documentation with no luck in finding anything of the sort.  I have however, found documentations for the regular terminal scripts in this address: ''.  Could you help out with any feedback that could enable me to use some sort of terminal script command or extended escape sequence, for that matter, that could help me script a mouse click or at least understand it.  I would really appreciate your help on this, thanks and keep up the great work.


Raul Munoz