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Hi, Razvan!

I doubt that it is possible at the moment.

Caché has DeepSee embedded technology to build BI solutions.

What exactly do you want to do? Move BI Solution from SQLServer to Caché?


I have a cube in SQL Server and I want to migrate to Cache.


Should I export first to  csv? Or?



I think in your case of migrating MS SQL cube to DeepSee cube means building the whole BI solution in DeepSee from the scratch. 

I mean:

1. ETL the data from MS SQL into Caché fact tables (Caché classes).

2. Build DeepSee cube(or cubes) against the fact tables.

3. Introduce pivot tables with MDX-queries against DeepSee cube (cubes).

4. Make dashboards to provide the UI for this pivot tables.


As far as I know .abf file format, it is just backup for MSSQL Databases. So, It is not possible and will not possible in any way. And all this conversion will not be such easy. And you should understand that Cubes, that not about data before you should migrate all the data, and create new cubes in Caché with knowledge about, how it was in MS SQL.