Khalid Saleem · May 31, 2017

Issues with Ensemble v2017.1 and DH key-length on https server


I am facing an issue after upgrading from Ensemble version 2015.1 to 2017.1. On 2015.1, I was testing a Rest operation using a https mock-server. But now on 2017.1, the same Rest operation throws me the following exception on testing...

'ERROR #6085: Unable to write to socket with SSL/TLS configuration 'configSslClient.IsgDefault', error reported 'SSL/TLS error in SSL_connect(), SSL_ERROR_SSL: protocol error, error:14082174:SSL routines:ssl3_check_cert_and_algorithm:dh key too small'.

I don't want to make any change on the https server.
Is there any configuration-change available on v2017.1 to make Ensemble accept the small DH paramater (which it is complaining about)?

Thanks in advance,

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Compare "Enabled ciphersuites" property in your SSL/TLS configuration.

But you'll probably need a longer key.

Setting the "Enabled Ciphersuites" to "DEFAULT:!DH" worked. Thanks...