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Issue with accesing Caché database tables with Azure Datafactory

Hello community members!

I am trying to connect to Caché database from Azure data factory using ODBC connection. The aim is to read data from Caché and write it in Azure blob storage using copy activity. The ODBC connection is successful and i can see the Caché  tables, but i'm facing an error while reading the table contents.

I'm getting the below error :

ERROR [HY000] [Cache ODBC][State : S1000][Native Code 400]
[SQLCODE: <-400>:<Es ist ein nicht behebbarer Fehler aufgetreten >]
[Cache Error: <<PROTECT>%0AmBk1^%sqlcq.SYA.cls691.1 ^SB700(""),/database/db4/syb/>]
[Location: <ServerLoop - Query Fetch>]
[%msg: <Unexpected error occurred:  <PROTECT>%0AmBk1^%sqlcq.SYA.cls691.1 ^SB700(""),/database/db4/syb/>]

Can anyone suggest what could be going wrong here and where to look for the issue?



Product version: Caché 2018.1
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the way to understand this is to determine what resource is required to access the database associated with /database/db4/syb/.  You can find this out by going to System Administration->Configuration->System Configuration->Local Databases and view the table that is associated with /database/db4/syb/.  You should see something like

find your and find the Resource then add the Resource to the Role you are connecting with.  While adding %All as a role will prevent the error it will also grant a whole lot more permissions than just the <protect> error.