· Nov 30, 2022

IRISTEMP Database in IRIS instance brings down the Production instance

IRISTEMP - IRIS.DAT took up all the available disk space of almost 2 TB that leads to Production instance down.

After RCA the suspected cause was some SQL query but not confirmed as query result was received within a minute.

Currently we are monitoring the IRIS.DAT and it is continuously increasing and currently we set the MAX size for this DB,  but not sure what will happen once it hit the MAX SIZE ?

Any clue why the IRISTEMP DB is not flushing the data from IRIS.DAT as i believe it is being mostly used for system processes and is in increasing trend at  ~ 1GB/day?

Is it some sort of bug for IRIS for Healthcare to store more index or globals to enable additional capability and features, especially for AI/ML and Analytics ?



Product version: IRIS 2021.2
$ZV: IRIS for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux for x86-64) 2021.1.2 (Build 338U) Tue Apr 12 2022 12:03:31 EDT [Health:3.3.0]
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