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Try to call your API via Postman or a similar REST Client.

Set user/pass in a Basic Auth bloc of Postman request.

Ok, did that with Postman and it looks like I am one step further now. I get back some headers including cookies for CSPSESSIONID and CSPWSERVERID now, but I get it together with error 404 not found.

So it looks like I'm reaching the csp server, but not my generated rest class method %RouteCB1 in impl.cls. Shouldn't this be automatically called by the given URL independent from username? Or do I have to specify there something more besides username, password and roles in the user record?

By the way I also get this error 404, when I try to do the request on virtserver.swaggerhub.com, although there are example mock data, which are displayed as a result in the Swaggerhub development page for the API. But I think that is not related to the IRIS error.

Have you created a Web application pointing to your generated REST dispatch class?

Try this tutorial.

I found the error now.

In the path definition I had

    "/get_components:/{appname}" : {

instead of

    "/get_components/{appname}" : {

Now it*s running.