· Mar 13, 2023

IRIS Production - What it is?


In some of the trakCare screens there is term "Production" shown [Interoperability->Production Configuration]
What is a production?

The production I'm looking at, is related to a Gateway.

What is a definition of a Gateway? How is this different to an Interface?

Under Gateway Production, there are "Services", "Processes", "Operations".

How are these defined to be?

I have 3 services, each with a green dot.

I have 3 processes , each with a green dot.

I have 5 operations, 4 of which has a green dot and one red dot.

For each of the "Services", "Processes", "Operations" it opens up a side window that has tabs for Settings, Queue,Log,Messages,Jobs,Actions

Are there any information articles about these concepts?

Thanks for any help 

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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@Phillip Wu - you will need to be a little more specific.  There are a number of 'Gateways' in InterSystems products (e.g. Web Gateway, SQL Gateway, etc), but I don't know of any of them that are specifically an interoperability component.  You could have an interface which uses a gateway to get data, but again the specifics are really important here :)   Also, if you are using a production that someone else created, they could call something a "Gateway" which is their term and not necessarily indicative of something specific to an InterSystems product.

Hi Phillip,

In TrakCare, interoperability is controlled by TrakCare Health Messaging Framework (HMF). Each Interface has to go through HMF Gateway, which is an IRIS Production, and then all those are getting routed through HMF Router which is a separate IRIS production. Please have a look at HMF documentation for more details. A lot of this code is auto-generated so you need to understand what needs to be configured in TrakCare and what needs to be configured in Production.

Thanks to everyone for their great feedback!!

I think I used the wrong term - by "gateway" I should have used "productions"

[In System Management Portal (SMP) , GUI menu "Interoperability"-> "Configure" -> "Production"]

By "interfaces" - In IRIS command line you can run do ^SSADMIN, which has "6. Interfacing" which when selected gives me a list of "interfaces".

What is the difference between "productions" that connect systems and "interfaces" which also appear to connect systems?

^SSADMIN is a TrakCare utility so you will need to look in the TrakCare documentation on that (and/or add the TrakCare tag to this question - not sure if that will send out new notifications to people who follow that Tag).  The Production page from the SMP is for the InterSystems IRIS Interoperability Productions for which I linked docs above.  I am guessing the "Interfacing" is a specific TrakCare feature which uses Productions and other pieces of InterSystems IRIS Interoperability beneath the covers.