Dmitrii Baranov · Nov 5

IRIS Health Installation hangs on AMD

Hi, I have a laptop with a Core i5 processor, a workstation with AMD Athlon 3000G processor, and another workstation with AMD Ryzen 3900 onboard. I was succeded to install IRIS Health community on the laptop. On both AMD workstations the install process hangs. I've waited for 8 hours but with no avail. What could be wrong with AMD?

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
$ZV: 2022.1.1.374.0
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Laptop - Windows 11 

AMD workstations - Windows 10 Home (official OEM, with fresh updates)

So, home edition could be an issue. But not sure. And AMD itself should be be an issue at all, the issue mostly like in some software already installed. Depends on in what stage it hangs, at some point it should start the installing IRIS, and I would look at its log (<installdir>/mgr/messages.log). Probably it may got something there

I know about messages.log, but in my case it's pretty short (~2kb) and contains no useful trace info :( There are workarounds with Docker and VMs, both approaches work

UPD1: launched the installation package via the "Run as administrator" menu item. Now the messages.log file contains the following diagnostics info:

- on Ryzen 3900 - the processor has too many cores which is not allowed by Community edition license

- on Athlon 3000G the error message is less informative: `11/06/22-01:06:28:788 ( 5200) 3 irisctl.dll (error during startup):(289) IRIS failed to start.  IRIS Control Process terminated abnormally (exit code = 0).`

Thanks but I doubt it's a license issue. The IRIS installer creates another log in C:\Windows directory, and it also contains no useful information. At some point the installation process just hangs as well as the log file stops growing.

Well, then, the latest 2022.2, should be able to start on up to 20 cores.

I have ended up with Hyper-V and Ubuntu but thanks smiley