Evgeny Shvarov · Jul 27, 2021 1m read

IRIS BI Development Tips: IRIS BI Reset

Sometimes you when create a pivot in Analyzer and see the result that shouldn't exist - don't run to create a WRC ticket, try to call the IRIS BI reset function first:

d $System.DeepSee.Reset(1)

And in many cases this will solve the problem.

And if it doesn't help, create a WRC ticket )

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do $System.DeepSee.Reset(1) is a very strong command. It clears all BI cache and terminates all running BI processes. That is -- if users are running queries at the moment, they get the errors.

If you find that you are running this command on the regular basis -- contact InterSystems Support

I agree with Alexander! Yes, as it is stated in the title - it is a development tip. So use this in development freely and be aware of the consequences of calling this in production.