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InterSystems Open Exchange December 2021 Digest

Hey Developers! Here is a digest of new solutions and applications submitted to the InterSystems Open Exchange in December 2021.

General Stats:
15 new apps in December
703 downloads in December
562 applications all time
15,816 downloads all time
1,457 developers joined

New Applications (15)
Medical Dataset by Muhammad Waseem
Biomedical Data Science Medical Dataset
iris-docker-zpm-usage-template by Evgeny Shvarov
The simplest template to use InterSystems IRIS in Docker and with an arbitrary InterSystems Community Package
migration-pg-iris-dataset by YURI MARX PEREIRA GOMES
Sample repository to show how to migrate from PostgreSQL to InterSystems IRIS
Fhiraas Microservice Party by Ron Sweeney
Add FHIR to your Kubernetes Microservice Party
appmsw-zpm-shields by Sergey Mikhailenko
Service for displaying version numbers of ZPM.
global-logging-template by Niklas Thilmont
A simple objectscript global logging template
This is an application to get Health Data sample
SQL DATA LENS by Andreas Schneider
DB Tool with advanced query editor
openflights_dataset by Andreas Schneider
Openflights demo dataset, datamodel for InterSystems IRIS
InterSystems IRIS JSON Schema support.
OPNEx-ECP Deployment by Jose Tomas Salvador
Build quickly a full ECP architecture to test your apps
iris-kaggle-socrata-generator by Henrique Gonçalves Dias
Do you need some real data to use in your projects? Why not use real data from the best sources?
UrineM App by Nicolas Souza Lopes
Real-time urine measurement gateway
iris-python-examples by Guillaume Rongier
Embedded Python examples with notebook support.
AoC2021 with Embedded Python by Robert Cemper
An Embedded Python based view of Advent of Code
New Releases (18)
DeepSeeWeb by Anton Gnibeda
  • fixed issue with treemap tooltip values formatter (#228)
  • added Embed mode support for the dashboard (#234)
  • added maxZoom data property to specify maximum zoom level for map widget (#235)

MDX2JSON by Eduard Lebedyuk

Embed property support

appmsw-forbid-old-passwd by Sergey Mikhailenko

added salt in hash

appmsw-dbdeploy by Sergey Mikhailenko

added in readme url


fixed code

https-rest-api by Oliver Wilms

Utilize ZPM to install crud and crudall web applications from template

VSCode-ObjectScript by Dmitry Maslennikov
  • Enhancements
    • Overhaul WorkspaceSymbolProvider (#772)
    • Add Open Shell in Docker option to Server Actions menu (#778)
    • Preliminary web extension support (#782)
    • Check all local folders in multi-root workspace for local copy of file (#785)
  • Fixes
    • Fix FileSystemProvider mtime caching (#770)
    • Comply with new VS Code policy for scoping access to VS Code proposed API (#771)
    • Append .pkg to package name when passed to source control / server command extensions (#776)
    • Improve error messaging for Studio Actions (#784)
    • Upgrade vulnerable dependencies (#787)
  • Fixes
    • Debugger: Breakpoint with no hitCondition cannot be set (#766)
  • Enhancements
    • Add 'Show Class Documentation Preview' button and command.
    • Improve how line comment markers carry over when newline is entered (#541)
    • Allow server-side source control class UserAction method call with Action=3 to launch an http/s or ftp/s URL in the external browser (contributed by @a-boertien).
    • Add support for conditional breakpoints.
    • Improve documentation.
  • Fixes
    • Prevent save of isfs class if filename doesn't match the class it defines (#410)
    • Refresh ObjectScript Explorer after export (#502)
    • Improve message when /api/atelier web application is disabled or missing (#752)
    • Correctly handle dots in routine names, preventing two copies of the same routine from being opened concurrently (#748)
    • Handle multiple selections when performing compile or delete from ObjectScript Explorer (#746)
    • Revert document instead of attempting an undo when server-side source control signals this is necessary.
    • Resolve issue causing unusable authentication page after CSP timeout.
    • Fix XML to UDL conversion.
    • Upgrade vulnerable dependencies.
  • Require confirmation before compiling all code in namespace (#677)
  • Respect maxResults parameter when running server-side search (#713)
  • Handle multiple spaces between Class keyword and classname (#717)
  • Report license starvation connection error properly (#721)
  • Display AfterUserAction errors reported by server-side source control (#701)
  • Preserve user edit if it triggered a successful checkout in server-side source control (#703)
  • Fix failing Go to Definition from CSP file when working with isfs (#727)
  • Support 'Open Document' action by server-side source control (#731)
  • Upgrade vulnerable dependency.
  • Add Watchpoint support to debugging (#697)
  • Make QuickOpen respect any filter=xxx query parameter on the isfs folder definition (#593)
  • Fix unexpected alerts about server-side copy being newer when working with isfs (#683)
  • Always run isfs dialog's serverInfo request in the %SYS namespace (#682)
  • Fix "Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined" error on startup (#693)
  • Report problem if isfs workspace definition points to non-existent server definition (#695)
  • Give clearer messages if user has insufficient privilege on the server (#678)
  • Allow opting out of 'Other Studio Action' server-side source control calls (#691)
  • Allow extension to work in untrusted workspaces.
  • Don't switch to File Explorer view when opening a file from ObjectScript Explorer (#651)
  • Scroll to correct line after an Output panel link is clicked (#657)
  • Handle compilation errors better (#673)
  • Improve documentation.
  • Upgrade vulnerable dependencies.
  • Support client-side web app (CSP) workflow as long as web app path is in the /csp/* space (#147, #449)
  • Add compile-only commands 'Compile Current File' and 'Compile Current File with Specified Flags...' (#595)
  • Add 'Edit Other' command plus menu option below 'View Other' (#309)
  • Report server-side errors from imports and isfs saves (#391)
  • Use web app token when authenticating with Management Portal and Class Reference.
  • Permit empty argument list in 'Debug this' (#642)
  • Add objectscript.compileOnSave setting to turn off post-save compile (#594)
  • Treat system=1 parameter on non-%SYS isfs folder spec as signal to include %-items (#623)
  • Add objectscript.multilineMethodArgs setting to use UDL parameter supported on servers with API version 4+ (#457)
  • Add snippets for business processes.
  • Prevent leading space in front of Class keyword from blocking import (#613)
  • Import into the correct namespace when working with multi-root workspace (#535)
  • Refactor 'Jump to Line' to use DocumentSymbolProvider.
  • Improve 'View Other' when working with servers supporting API version 4+ (#363)
  • Support Language Server enhancement that opens local copy of file when using 'Go to Definition' in client-side editing mode.
  • Update connections when settings are changed (#608)
  • Improve documentation.
  • Upgrade vulnerable dependencies.
  • Avoid prompting for already-saved password (#61)
  • Constrain QuickOpen list contents when isfs folder path targets a specific package (#581)
  • Show isfs folder label in breadcrumb even without proposed APIs enabled (#599)
  • Improve information about compiler flags (#532)
  • Add clickable links to compilation error text in Output pane (#386)
  • Relabel Variables folders in debugger to be Private and Public instead of Local and Global (#482)
  • Fix debugging breakpoint command message when class has multiple packages (#597)
  • Support expansion of orefs in debugger Variables pane provided server-side API version implements the necessary support (#598)
  • Improve README.
  • Upgrade vulnerable dependencies.

Data_APP_Security by Muhammad Waseem

OAuth2 Authentication with GitHub added

zap-api-scan-sample by José Roberto Pereira

Added articles and video links in project description.






Added a GitHub action for automatically API scan on pushes to the repository. Check out this article for more information.

csvgen by Evgeny Shvarov
  • Generate() documentation fix,
  • Classname autogeneration fix on Windows,
  • Shields for code quality and last commit indication

Added the Append support. A new parameter pAppend=1 allows to add records from a file with similar scheme

Git for Shared Development Environments by Timothy Leavitt

Git add packages by @isc-svelury in #79 Removing from source control now works by @isc-svelury in #80 Queue filter by @isc-svelury in #82 compatibility fix for IE + minor bugfix by @isc-svelury in #83 Reload page on login expiration by @isc-svelury in #84 String.substr() is deprecated and substring() works a little differently by @isc-svelury in #87 Updated README with OpenSSH requirement by @isc-svelury in #89 Merge minor UX improvements by @isc-svelury in #94 Automatically stage any changes to sc-list.txt and note in README by @isc-svelury in #96 Stash list, pop, apply, drop; stash files from workspace by @isc-svelury in #95 Background color fix by @isc-svelury in #99 Automatically refresh the list of files in Working Copy after stashing by @isc-svelury in #98 includes is not supported by IE. Use indexOf instead. by @isc-svelury in #97 Preserve filenames for AbstractDocuments by @isc-svelury in #100

Dataset OEX reviews by Robert Cemper

Logo added

Game Of Throne Analytics by Evgeny Shvarov

ZPM package bugfixes


ZPM Module version bump


ZPM version bump

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