Evgeny Shvarov · Jun 3, 2020

InterSystems Open Exchange May 2020 Digest

Hi Developers!

This is the digest of new solutions and applications submitted to InterSystems OpenExchange in May 2020!

<--break->General stats:

267 applications published, 602 downloads in May, 589 developers joined.

16 New applications in May 2020

See the details below

native-api-contest-template by Robert Kuszewski

Template to get participants in the InterSystems Native API programming contest started

iris-python-suite by Renato Banzai

A suite of tools to use the IRIS Native API in Python + some examples of use.

csvgen by Evgeny Shvarov

module to generate and import CSV data using InterSystems ObjectScript

ObjectScript Kernel by Nikita Mullin

Execute ObjectScript in Jupyter Notebook

sys-perf-restapi by Tani Frankel

An API (basic and REST) for the SystemPerformance (pka pButtons) utility

WebSocket Client JS with IRIS Native API as Docker Micro Server by Robert Cemper

Docker based Micro Server as WebSocket Client

IRIS External Table by Anton Umnikov

IRIS External Table allows you to access files in the local filesystem and cloud BLOB storage such as AWS S3 and Azure BLOB Storage as regular IRIS SQL tables.

IRIS-NativeAPI-Nodejs-compact by Robert Cemper

An all-in-1 package of the WebSocket MicroService Demo

MongoDB to IRIS migration by Oleh Dontsov

Using this application, you can transfer data from the MongoDB collections to the IRIS globals.


CRUD operation & Search on globals using IRIS Native for Java.

IRIS-Docker-micro-Durability by Robert Cemper

allow small durability for demo and developent

CacheDirectEmulator for InterSystems IRIS Data Platform by Hiroshi Sato

.Net class mimics Cache Direct(Aka VisM.OCX) interfaces

RSA by Eduard Lebedyuk

Example of Asymmetric RSA encryption on JS side with InterSystems IRIS decryption

objectscript-donts by Evgeny Shvarov

What you shouldn't do in objectscript

PythonGateway-Template by Eduard Lebedyuk

PythonGateway Template repository

IRISGlobalsNative.Extensions by Mark Erwin Villarina

Library for Class-based Collection for Globals and Json Provider for Globals.


OData Server for InterSystems IRIS SQL Repositories

Performance comparison of IRIS Native API and EAV-approach by Sergey Kamenev

Performance comparison of IRIS Native Globals API and EAV-model (MySql backend) on demo data (internet store). The browser view and CLI script available.

Releases in May

DeepSeeWeb v2.1.51 by Anton Gnibeda

added formatting support for text widget

* added support for "?theme" query param * added a fullscreen button for widgets

fixed treemap hover issue

changed bubble size calculation algorithm and min/max sizes

delete-helper v2020.1 by Tani Frankel

Support for IRIS; CLS format; ZPM Support

Serenji v3.1.1 by John Murray

* Improve Explorer performance.

objectscript-package-example v1.0.1 by Evgeny Shvarov

Unit tests were introduced

interfaces-diskspace-validation v2020.1 by Tani Frankel

Supports InterSystems IRIS and ZPM; New Generic UnitTest

covid-19 analytics v1.0.3 by Evgeny Shvarov

Added a [Bubble Chart](!/d/Covid19/bubble%20chart.dash...) for Top-10 Confirmed-Recovered-Deaths

sys-perf-restapi v1.0.5 by Tani Frankel

Fixed Module Web App Path

Updated Module.xml to address Authentication issue in UI Web App.

zpm-registry v1.0.5 by Evgeny Shvarov

The ["update same version"]( bug is [fixed](

EnsembleWorkflow v2.0 by Eduard Lebedyuk

zpm support

EnsembleWorkflowUI v2017.2.1 by Sergey Sarkisyan

* Added ZPM support

IRIS External Table v1.0.1 by Anton Umnikov

Switch to AWS V4 signature, JSON, Quoted CSV support, ORDER BY, SELECT TOP fixes.

csvgen v1.1.3 by Evgeny Shvarov

Bugfix with row types

Row types parameter is introduced

Fixed bug in datatypes determination

Guess on datatypes feature is introduced.

BridgeWorks VDM v9.1.5 by Tony Coffman

Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where variable parameters were not processed correctly from Web Reports Fixed an issue where the Auto Complete Option in Advanced Query did not update the OPTIONS file The Advanced Query tab is no longer selected on open when Advanced Query is enabled

Top downloads in May 2020:

iris-history-monitor by Henrique Gonçalves Dias,  123

VSCode-ObjectScript by Dmitry Maslennikov,  94

PythonGateway by Eduard Lebedyuk,  62

Serenji by John Murray,  49

native-api-contest-template by Robert Kuszewski,  19

ObjectScript Package Manager by Evgeny Shvarov,  14

csvgen by Evgeny Shvarov,  9

sys-perf-restapi by Tani Frankel,  8

WebSocket Client JS with IRIS Native API as Docker Micro Server by Robert Cemper,  8

iris-python-suite by Renato Banzai,  8

Top Downloads for all times:

iris-history-monitor by Henrique Gonçalves Dias,  717

VSCode-ObjectScript by Dmitry Maslennikov,  662

PythonGateway by Eduard Lebedyuk,  411

Serenji by John Murray,  182

AnalyzeThis by Peter Steiwer,  170

WebTerminal by Nikita Savchenko,  152

Caché Monitor by Andreas Schneider,  126

DeepSeeButtons by Peter Steiwer,  118

ObjectScript-Math by Peter Steiwer,  117

ObjectScript Package Manager by Evgeny Shvarov,  113

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