· May 3, 2020

InterSystems Open Exchange April 2020 Digest

Hi Developers!

This is the digest of new solutions and applications submitted to InterSystems OpenExchange in April 2020!

19 New applications in April 2020

FHIR Server and API Manager for MIT COVID-19 Challenge by Steven LeBlanc

This demo shows how InterSystems API Manager (IAM) can be used to view and test FHIR resources with InterSystems IRIS for Health. It comes pre-configured with a FHIR server, pre-populated with synthetic patient data. The new InterSystems API Manager (IAM) includes OpenAPI Swagger specs to quickly generate REST client code to work with many common FHIR resources.

Production Manager by Nikolay Soloviev

REST API to manage IRIS Interoperability Productions.

rest-api-contest-template by Evgeny Shvarov

Template repository for InterSystems IIRS REST API Programming Contest

JSON-Filter by Lorenzo Scalese

ObjectScript server-side JSON filter.

objectscript-openapi-definition by Guillaume Rongier

The objectif of this library is to generate the ObjectScript Class from an OpenApi definition.

FHIR-HL7v2-SQL-Demo by Guillaume Rongier

Ready to use a demo of an FHIR Server and HL7v2 transformation to the FHIR Server on IRIS For Health Intersystems The FHIR repo can be a query in SQL.

CloudWatch-IRIS by Anton Umnikov

Configuring AWS CloudWatch with InterSystems IRIS

WebSocket Client Demo in IRIS 2020.1 by Robert Cemper

This example demonstrates the use of the %Net.WebSocket feature available in IRIS 2020.1

iris-web-swagger-ui by Maks Atygaev

Interactive Swagger docs for your REST API

isc-apptools-lockdown by Sergey Mikhailenko

A program to enhance security and create users and add SQL privileges

JSON Web Token Generator by Lorenzo Scalese

JSON Web Token Generator for ObjectScript

EXCEL as a REST application by alex kosinets

MS Excel works with IRIS as a REST application

COVID-19 iKnow Content Navigator by Benjamin De Boe

Scripts to set up a data explorer for the COVID-19 research article database, powered by InterSystems IRIS NLP technology

WsockServer-for-IRIS2020.1 by Robert Cemper

Polished port from former SAMPLES in Caché to test WsockClients locally

JuliaGateway by Eduard Lebedyuk

Interface to Julia programming language for InterSystems IRIS

REST for Tasks on my Status Report by Oliver Wilms

Iris Rest App for Tasks for Status Report

simple-spellchecker by Henry Hamon Pereira

Norvig inspired simple spell checker implementation in InterSystems IRIS

Ikon by Andrei Luiz Nenevê

Identicon generator for Intersystems Caché. Good to use in Mojo applications.

objectscript-json-patch by Guillaume Rongier

An implementation of JSON-Path in ObjectScript.

<--break->General stats:

250 applications published.

656 downloads in April.

Releases in April 

objectscript-rest-docker-template v1.0.5 by Evgeny Shvarov

web app changed to /crud

BridgeWorks VDM v9.1.4 by Tony Coffman

Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where Auto Created Series in a Finished Report Chart would not populate correctly when reopened

Adopted Bitmaps v1.1 by Robert Cemper

fixed typo in description

WsockServer-for-IRIS2020.1 v1.0.1 by Robert Cemper

removed invisible image

objectscript-openapi-definition v1.0.3 by Guillaume Rongier

Update module.xml for zpm

Fix module.xml

Update with example and community article

ETL Interoperability Adapter v1.1.0 by Guillaume Rongier

Publish on ZPM

DeepSeeWeb v2.1.48 by Anton Gnibeda

* added col count control for charts * changed opacity for map polygons to 0.65 * added initial support for gradient color on map polygons

fixes for zpm

* fixed issue with chart options * added top records support for bubble chart * fixed bubbles size on bubble chart * changed data processing for bubble chart * fixed localStorage.devAddons support for debug

ObjectScript Package Manager v0.2.2 by Evgeny Shvarov

1. Show module repository Use -show-repo modifier with search command to show repositories `zpm: USER>search -show-repo`

2. CSP Applications For REST applications no longer need to specify attributes: Directory and Path

3. Custom parameters to modules installation support Add Default element in the module.xml to define a parameter and default value ``` ``` Use parameters in module.xml as ${count} In install command use -Dcount=42 to pass a new value

4. Wiki documentation is added 5. Fix issue when extracted file size less than original [Read and discuss all the release news](

fixed bug with getting the latest version of the package

Caché Monitor v2.95 by Andreas Schneider

Caché Monitor is now shipped with a private JRE (Java Runtime Environment). No longer dependencies to Oracle's java license model.

JSON-Filter v1.4.4 by Lorenzo Scalese

- Fix zpm install

- Fix a zpm issue with intersystemsdc/iris-community:2020. image base

- fix issue with $$$JSFilterCriteria macro

isc-global-size-tracing v1.1.3 by Lorenzo Scalese

- add zpm support

isc-apptools-admin v1.0.6 by Sergey Mikhailenko

fix zpm

isc-live-global-mover v0.9.4 by Lorenzo Scalese

- Add to zpm registry

rest-api-contest-template v1.0.3 by Evgeny Shvarov

udpated to ZPM 0.2.1

objectscript-rest-docker-template v1.0.6 by Evgeny Shvarov

REST API module.xml is minimized according to [zpm 0.2.1](

covid-19 analytics v1.0.2 by Evgeny Shvarov

[New server](!/f/Covid19?ns=IRISAPP)

isc-apptools-admin v1.0.9 by Sergey Mikhailenko

fix zpm

add global translate

isc-apptools-lockdown v1.0.5 by Sergey Mikhailenko

fix zpm lockdown

fix the apply method

JSON Web Token Generator v1.0.1 by Lorenzo Scalese

- Fix validity was always set with the default value (3600)

simple-spellchecker v1.0.1 by Henry Hamon Pereira

Add train by text

REST for Tasks on my Status Report v1.2.1 by Oliver Wilms

Added Package Manager

Updated Web application properties

zpm-registry v1.0.4 by Evgeny Shvarov

The problem with large packages publication is fixed


Top downloads in April 2020:


iris-history-monitor by Henrique Gonçalves Dias,  153

VSCode-ObjectScript by Dmitry Maslennikov,  97

PythonGateway by Eduard Lebedyuk,  39

Serenji by John Murray,  28

objectscript-rest-docker-template by Evgeny Shvarov,  28

ObjectScript Package Manager by Evgeny Shvarov,  24

AnalyzeThis by Peter Steiwer,  17

Caché Monitor by Andreas Schneider,  15

FHIR Server and API Manager for MIT COVID-19 Challenge by Steven LeBlanc,  10

DeepSeeWeb by Anton Gnibeda,  9

Top Downloads for all times:

VSCode-ObjectScript by Dmitry Maslennikov,  470

iris-history-monitor by Henrique Gonçalves Dias,  440

PythonGateway by Eduard Lebedyuk,  308

AnalyzeThis by Peter Steiwer,  154

WebTerminal by Nikita Savchenko,  147

DeepSeeButtons by Peter Steiwer,  117

ObjectScript-Math by Peter Steiwer,  115

Caché Monitor by Andreas Schneider,  111

Design Pattern in Caché Object Script by Tiago Ribeiro,  103

Serenji by John Murray,  101

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