· Mar 3, 2020

InterSystems Open Exchange February 2020 Digest

Hi Developers!

This is the digest of new solutions and applications submitted to InterSystems OpenExchange in February 2020!

New applications in February 2020


EXCEL SUDOKU by alex kosinets

Sudoku game implementation in Excel using InterSystems IRIS as a server

RESTForms2 by Henry Hamon Pereira

RESTForms2 is a framework to create the REST API for InterSystems IRIS persistent objects  automatically

FirstLook-Globals by Evgeny Shvarov

Firstlook example of InterSystems Globals

IRIS Interoperability Message Viewer by Henrique Gonçalves Dias

A new approach for the Interoperability Message Viewer

iKnow by Benjamin De Boe

The iKnow Natural Language Processing technology was originally developed in Belgium and then acquired by InterSystems in 2010. In February 2020, InterSystems published the technology to open source, expanding the possible use cases for it beyond embedded use from the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform. iKnow is open to community contributions to enhance the engine, language models and interfaces for use in-text exploration, information extraction, and machine learning use cases.

New releases in February 2020

DeepSeeWeb  2.1.41

Added OAuth2.0 support

Test Coverage Tool 2.1.1

Fixes an aggregation bug

Updating to avoid zpm installation issues with +snapshot version

iris-history-monitor 1.1.0

IRIS History Monitor is now using the IRIS /api/monitor Service and Web Service SYS.WSMon.Service.cls

Serenji 3.0.11

  • improve documentation.
  • Fix installer error.

ObjectScript Package Manager 0.1.6

  1. Added synonyms to Path and Directory parameters of CSPApplication SourcePath=Path DeployPath=Directory
  2. ${parameter} supported: ${namespace} ${mgrdir} ${cspdir} ${root} ${dbrole}
  3. search command introduced to show the available modules in a current remote registry zpm:USER>search moduleX 1.0.0 moduleY 1.0.0
  4. test reporting issues fixed
  5. Tests can run in test and verify phases Tests with same root don't run twice Support for running test suites Support for JUnit output Inversion of control to support TestCoverage

BridgeWorks VDM 9.1.1

Fixed an issue where %appdata% reserved words were being interpreted as literal in settings

Fixed verbiage on some connection wizard pages

Fixed an issue where RevQ SaaS dynamic parameters would not return correctly in the Auto Scheduler

Added an error message on SQL errors returned by a RevQ SaaS connection

Fixed an issue when saving a view with no connection the save would fail

Fixed an issue when rebuilding a VoV, that has a view with Embedded Expressions disabled, the builder would fail and prompt for every VoV after

Fixed an issue when saving a VoV without a connection the save would fail


General stats

209 applications published.

388 - Downloads in February.

Downloads in the last 6 months:


Top downloads in February 2020:


iris-history-monitor by Henrique Gonçalves Dias,  64

VSCode-ObjectScript by Dmitry Maslennikov,  52

ObjectScript-Math by Peter Steiwer,  22

AnalyzeThis by Peter Steiwer,  15

Serenji by John Murray,  14

DeepSeeButtons by Peter Steiwer,  12

PivotSubscriptions by Peter Steiwer,  12

ObjectScript Package Manager by Evgeny Shvarov,  10

PythonGateway by Eduard Lebedyuk,  9

objectscript-docker-template by Evgeny Shvarov,  7


Top Downloads for all times:

VSCode-ObjectScript by Dmitry Maslennikov,  397

iris-history-monitor by Henrique Gonçalves Dias,  275

PythonGateway by Eduard Lebedyuk,  268

WebTerminal by Nikita Savchenko,  138

AnalyzeThis by Peter Steiwer,  131

Design Pattern in Caché Object Script by Tiago Ribeiro,  102

Caché Monitor by Andreas Schneider,  95

DeepSeeButtons by Peter Steiwer,  95

ObjectScript-Math by Peter Steiwer,  89

Serenji by John Murray,  88

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