· Feb 4, 2020

InterSystems Open Exchange January 2020 Digest

Hi Developers!

This is the digest of new solutions and applications submitted to InterSystems OpenExchange in January 2020!

New applications in January 2020

OUReports by Irina Yaroshevskaya

Online reporting tool for InterSystems IRIS. Online User Reports - automatically analyzes data - generates automated reports - provides interface for ad hoc reports - conducts statistical research. Learn more on

Samples-Aviation by InterSystems

Provides sample data for use in exploring InterSystems IRIS Text Analytics capabilities.

objectscript-package-example by Evgeny Shvarov

ObjectScript Package example with a simplified folder structure to edit/compile/collaborate with InterSystems IRIS, Docker and Github.

Reducing Readmission Risks with Realtime ML by Amir Samary

Patient Readmissions are said to be the Hello World of Machine Learning in Healthcare. We use this problem to show how IRIS can be used to safely build and operationalize ML models for real time predictions and how this can be integrated into a random application.

REST Business Activity Monitoring by Stephen Pisani

Send IRIS Business Metrics to a REST Endpoint, or host a REST API to retrieve Business Metric values

eXTreme for IRIS / Caché Example by Iryna Mykhailova

A console .NET application which shows how to access, create and store globals from a .NET application using eXTreme.

zpm-dockerhub by Evgeny Shvarov

repository for publishing zpm enabled images for InterSystems IRIS via Github Actions

New releases in January 2020

ObjectScript Package Manager  0.1.4

Support for JUnit output Inversion of control to support TestCoverage.

New simplified source code folder structure is supported.

Test Coverage Tool 2.0.0

Various quality-of-life fixes, and (most importantly) enabling for the community package manager


DeepSeeWeb 2.1.40

Fixed issue with widgets on tiles


Samples-BI 1.0.1

Adding zpm support. It will allow to install with:

zpm:USER>install samples-bi


VSCode-ObjectScript 0.8.0

  • Debug this ClassMethod" feature added, to quickly debug any classmethod in a class
  • Change variable value while debugging
  • When virtual filesystem isfs:// used, now possible to execute some actions from Studio Source class menu
  • Explorer view, new way of generation, should be faster now
  • Explorer view, INC files now separate in own Includes folder
  • Explorer view, option to show/hide generated items
  • Explorer view will be shown only when any folder open
  • When used docker-compose to run an instance, it's now possible to get connected to a random port from service.
  • When used docker-compose it's now very easy to connect to a terminal
  • Go to routine
  • Show warning for deprecated functions, quick fix for $zobj<xxx> functions replaced

ObjectScript-Math 0.0.4

Update for zpm

New functions added


General stats
205 applications published

Downloads for the last 6 months:


Top downloads in January 2020:

iris-history-monitor by Henrique Gonçalves Dias,  70

ObjectScript-Math by Peter Steiwer,  64

AnalyzeThis by Peter Steiwer,  44

DeepSeeButtons by Peter Steiwer,  41

PivotSubscriptions by Peter Steiwer,  40

VSCode-ObjectScript by Dmitry Maslennikov,  30

SUDOKU by Robert Cemper,  15

Serenji by John Murray,  13

objectscript-rest-docker-template by Evgeny Shvarov,  12

ObjectScript Package Manager by Evgeny Shvarov,  11


Top Downloads for all times:

VSCode-ObjectScript by Dmitry Maslennikov,  349

PythonGateway by Eduard Lebedyuk,  259

iris-history-monitor by Henrique Gonçalves Dias,  215

WebTerminal by Nikita Savchenko,  133

AnalyzeThis by Peter Steiwer,  119

Design Pattern in Caché Object Script by Tiago Ribeiro,  99

Caché Monitor by Andreas Schneider,  89

DeepSeeButtons by Peter Steiwer,  86

ObjectScript Class Explorer by Nikita Savchenko,  76

Serenji by John Murray,  75


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