· May 1, 2021

InterSystems Open Exchange April 2021 Digest

Hi Community! Here is a digest of new solutions and applications submitted to the InterSystems Open Exchange in April 2021.
General stats:
32 new apps
462 published apps in total
476 downloads in April
1156 developers joined

New applications (32)
findtable by Huicai Wang
Query entity class corresponding structure.
intersystems-iris-dev-template by Evgeny Shvarov
A basic template to develop with InterSystems IRIS
i2b2-on-iris by Olga Verevkina
Proof-Of-Concept of I2B2 using IRIS as backend
gj :: locate by George James
Copy an InterSystems IRIS error message and paste in to VS Code to go to the source line
SSH for IRIS container by Robert Cemper
Example how you can add SSH server to a standard IRIS docker image
Git for IRIS by Marcus Wurlitzer
Native integration of the Git workflow with the InterSystems IRIS platform
IRIS_REST_Documentation by davi massaru teixeira muta
Development tool for documenting REST API endpoints [InterSystems IRIS]
Config-API by Lorenzo Scalese
A library to ease IRIS configuration.
Grafana Plugin for InterSystems by Dmitry Maslennikov
Grafana Data Source Plugin for InterSystems
IntelliJ InterSystems by Dmitry Maslennikov
IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for InterSystems
zpm-explorer by Henrique Gonçalves Dias
A graphic interface to explorer the applications inside InterSystems Package Manager
iriscmd by Raman Sailopal
Simple utility to interface with Intersystems IRIS environment from shell command line
helper-for-objectscript-language-extensions by Robert Cemper
Utility to add customized Language Extensions programmatically
zapm-editor by Sergey Mikhailenko
Namespace navigator ZPM and editor of routines, globals, texts and tables in terminal mode.
Intersystems-Cache-Prometheus by Raman Sailopal
Code to allow for the integration of an Intersystems Cache environment with Prometheus/Grafana
code-compare by Oliver Wilms
Attempt to compare two export files of the same project
Ansible-cache-python by Raman Sailopal
Ansible role for the installation of Python libraries to allow connection with Intersystems Cache databases.
cachecmd by Raman Sailopal
Linux command line utility to interface with Intersystems Cache
irismysql by Raman Sailopal
Linux command line utility to migrate tables from Mysql/Mariadb to Intersystems IRIS
InterSystems LanguageServer by Dmitry Maslennikov
InterSystems Language Server which works directly with SuperPort
Ansible-Cacherestore by Raman Sailopal
Ansible role to restore an Intersystems Cache backup and reconfigure Cache including devices as well. Uses Jinja templates to reconfigure cache.cpf
iris-rad-studio-samples by José Roberto Pereira
Samples for IRIS RAD Studio
iriscode by Raman Sailopal
Command line utility to write code outside of IRIS
gj :: connect by Max Parry
How to extend the Server Manager to perform custom actions.
Cache-Ansible by Raman Sailopal
Ansible Role for the installation of Intersystems Cache on Linux based systems
assert-objectscript by Niklas Thilmont
AssertJ Style assertion library for objesctscript
Ansible cache-perl by Raman Sailopal
Ansible role to install InterSystems Cache Perl bindings to allow Perl to connect to Cache databases.
Ansible cache-user by Raman Sailopal
Ansible role to add and delete users to Intersystems Cache systems
rccx - Run Container Command eXecution by Robert Cemper
run container command execution
cache-node-server by Raman Sailopal
Ansible role that installs the necessary service gateway on an Intersystems Cache instance to allow nodejs client connections.
cache-node-client by Raman Sailopal
Ansible playbook to install the necessary nodejs M-Gateway packages to allow access to Intersystems Cache
ansible-cache-python-mg by Raman Sailopal
Ansible role to install the necessary Python libraries to allow connection to an Intersystems Cache database via M-Gateway's connection service
New releases (19)
zpm-registry by Evgeny Shvarov
  • Proxy registries support introduced
  • unpublish packages - supports in api
  • fix show descriptions for packages,
  • fix install not latest version using proxy

iris-rad-studio by Henrique Gonçalves Dias

Added App.PKG to \ in module.xml


forcing EnableDelegatedAuth method to run in %SYS namespace


bump version in module.xml


Class Creator now has the ability to create related fields, based on classes that extend from dc.irisrad.FormAdaptor


Edit mode is now working in a popup mode


A new way to present the list of forms available

  • Better error messages instead of "Unknow Error/Internal Server Error"
  • Support Valuelist parameter for properties #11
  • On List forms page, you have confirmation message before deletion
  • Improved filter on List forms page

Removed test forms population method call from module.xml + Bump version

IO-Redirect by Lorenzo Scalese

Fix ZPM install.

ObjectScript Package Manager by Evgeny Shvarov

The key features of the ZPM 0.2.14 release are:

  • Publishing timeout option
  • Embedded vars usage in module parameters
  • Package installation from Github repo
  • Transaction support for install, load and publish.

Here are the release notes.

RESTFormsRAD by Henrique Gonçalves Dias

feature for create relationship property

zapm by Sergey Mikhailenko

fixed support editors


fixed init method


fixed iris.script

Server Manager for VSCode by John Murray
  • Support Alt / Option modifier on Edit and View buttons to add workspace folder for server-side web application files.
  • Add newly defined server to the 'Recent' list.
  • Handle repeated use of the same Edit or View button better.
  • Notify user if ObjectScript extension is missing.
  • Add more information to README.

Image links below are broken because OpenExchange doesn't handle them correctly when fetching the description from GitHub. To view them please click here.

  • Only supply credentials to Portal if password came as plaintext from settings.

iFindPortal by Benjamin De Boe

Updated packaging, now including ZPM support


Updated references on OX listing

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