· Jun 1, 2021

InterSystems Open Exchange May 2021 Digest

Hey Developers! Here is a digest of new solutions and applications submitted to the InterSystems Open Exchange in May 2021.
General stats:
7 new apps
469 published apps in total
381 downloads in May 
1181 developers joined

New applications (7)
irisdemo-demo-restsql by Amir Samary
Simple demo of IRIS exposing REST APIs created based on Swagger that have a SQL database as the backend.
FHIR Data Studio Connector by Dmitry Maslennikov
Community connector to Google Data Studio for FHIR
FHIR Simple Demo Application by Marcello Correa
FHIR Simple Demo Application
MDX Query Auditing Samples by Samuel Duncan
Samples for auditing queries on IRIS BI cubes and analyzing audit data
Retrieve and Relate by Arnout Van Hyfte
OMICS sequence search engine
iris-on-fhir by Henrique Gonçalves Dias
App to show the potential of FHIRaaS
FHIRaaS with OAuth 2.0 by Regilo Regilio Guedes de Souza
This is a straightforward Angular app using the FHIR Accelerator Service as the Clinical Repository. It uses OAuth 2.0 as authorization and displays all patients and resources as JSON.
New releases (7)
rccx - Run Container Command eXecution by Robert Cemper

fixed some typos
added demo for $ mode

  • added logging into tmp/rccx.log
  • single module monolythic build
  • no Python, no startscript anymore
  • zombie processes fixed

added dump of \/tmp/rccx.log with command ?
Enter bash command [**?***=dump logfile*, .=exit, ***=stop executor & exit]

iris-interoperability-template by Evgeny Shvarov

The examples of LUT and ESD resources added

ssl-client by Evgeny Shvarov

Description added

objectscript-docker-template by Evgeny Shvarov

The code highlighting support for .inc, int, csp is introduced

sql-rest-api by Evgeny Shvarov

ZPM description is introduced

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