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InterSystems Open Exchange Applications October 2022 Digest

Hey Developers! Here is a digest of new solutions and applications submitted to the InterSystems Open Exchange in  October 2022.
General Stats:
14 new apps in October
554 downloads in October
700 applications all time
21,483 downloads all time
1,881 developers joined

New Applications (14)
gateway-sql by Sergey Mikhailenko
Installing jdbс drivers for oracle, mssql and mysql
Perftools IO Test Suite by Pran Mukherjee
Tools to exercise and measure the IO capacity of hardware
sqlalchemy-iris by Dmitry Maslennikov
An InterSystems IRIS dialect for SQLAlchemy
GoSelector by Alexander Woodhead
See Column Selectivity Vs Ratio of Distinct Values
prodeye-mobile-app-client-side by Adel Elsayed
flutter mobile app client to work with prodeye server side.
node-red-contrib-iris by Philipp Bonin
InterSystems IRIS integration for Node-RED
iris-dollar-list by Guillaume Rongier
Interpretor of $list for python
zpip by Nicholai Mitchko
Python pip extension for InterSystems Products
Lens The Kubernetes Platform by Edward Ionel
Lens - The way the world runs Kubernetes
prodeye-server-side by Adel Elsayed
ProdEye Server Side : an object script package that monitors productions on a server and avails it for prodeye mobile app client
gateway-mysql-connector-java-8-0-21-jar by Sergey Mikhailenko
import instance %Library.SQLConnection, mysql-connector-java
NiPaRobotica by Paul Hula
Interfacing any Pharmacy with any Pharmacy Device
iko-01-basic-iris-cluster by Mikhail Khomenko
This repository is the first part of code samples repositories intended to provide examples of InterSystems Kubernetes Operator (IKO) usage.
IMO Core - precise problem terminology by Dirk Kleppe
IMO Core is your Clinical Interface Terminology
New Releases (39)
ObjectScript Package Manager by Evgeny Shvarov
  • support for deployed packages, installation, and publishing
  • support for multiple registry servers, e.g. public community registry, private corporate, and so on
  • expanded limit for the length of arguments in Invoke
  • the ability to show all versions and package origin in search
  • fixed issue for packages with preload code
  • Support for requirements.txt to use and deploy python's modules
  • Tokens for packages publishing support
  • Fixed various issues

Learn more in the release notes

Sea Battle by Evgeny Shvarov

Embedded python version introduced


Full Embedded Python support! call USER>d ##class(eshvarov.sample.SeaBattle.GamePython).Run()

For Python

iris-rest-api-template by Evgeny Shvarov

Bugfix and clean up

apptools-admin by Sergey Mikhailenko

upd gataway link


added support jdbc gateway export/import module


fixed jdbc module


fixed GetListModules

interoperability-embedded-python by Guillaume Rongier
  • add iris $list serializer/deserializer
  • fix missing function
  • Make utils abstract
  • bypass version check
  • fix source path for last version of zpm
  • fix serializer python $list

DeepSeeWeb by Anton Gnibeda
  • fixed issue with multiple click filter
  • prevent drilling on chart widgets if the widget has click filter
  • fixed issue with reset click filter button on charts
  • fixed issue with pie chart and "children" in "tuples" response from mdx2json

Git for Shared Development Environments by Timothy Leavitt

Fixed: * Handle UTF-8 characters in git commit messages

isc-rest by Timothy Leavitt

Fixed * APPS-15075: Generating OpenAPI doc produces deterministic results * APPS-13794: OpenAPI generated properly for query/path action parameters * APPS-13849: OpenAPI doc includes query filter * APPS-13664: %Dictionary.Classname is treated as string instead of object * Unsupported actions are always omitted from OpenAPI generation

DbVisualizer by Sandra Bjarevall

New Features
Connection Setup -Support to share a SSH configuration for multiple database connections Added support for Cassandra Added support for Google BigQuery Added support for Microsoft Access Added support for SingleStore

@import - Add the format="xxx" argument for @import

Connection Setup - Automatically reconnect when connection is lost

Connection Setup Security - SSH tunnels can now be used in DbVisualizer Free

DB Support: Azure SQL - Add support to view, create, drop, and change password for users

DB Support: Azure SQL - Introduce a "constraints" sub node to show primary, foreign keys, and referenced tables

*DB Support: SQL Server *- Introduce a "constraints" sub node to show primary, foreign keys, and referenced tables

DB Support: Greenplum - Add support for killing sessions

DB Support: PostgreSQL - Add support for killing sessions

*DB Support: Redshift *- Add support for killing sessions

DB Support: SQL Server - Add support for killing sessions

DB Support: Yellowbrick - Add support for killing sessions

DB Support: H2 - Add support for H2 version 2.x

DB Support: PostgreSQL - Support generating comment statements for triggers Add support for generated columns in PostgreSQL Create/Alter

DB Support: SQL Server - Add support for create, modify, and drop of users and logins

Data tab - Having a where filter in the Data tab should show a different icon

Driver Manager - Used By column in the driver manager should when clicked show a list of database connections Add "Reset Driver" command in driver manager

Export - Restrict formatting of numbers for SQL exports Support exporting in TXT also for @export, Export Table and Export Schema

File Chooser - The choice of "list" or "details" in file choosers should be preserved between DbVisualizer sessions

OS Support: Windows - The choice of "list" or "details" in file choosers should be preserved between DbVisualizer sessions

Filtering/Filter Sets - Make it possible for table filters to be removed after a certain time

General - Make progress windows larger Change icon for "duplicate" (yellow start) to the standard "copy" icon Add icon to external web links to highlight that a browser will be opened

Grid Component - Add option to show images in binary type columns in grid Add "Extract Filter & Sort as SELECT" action in Data tab. Used to copy the SELECT statement in Data tab including any grid column filters and sorting

*Import *- When Batch Import, commit at every executed batch Make it easy setting data type for the multiple columns during import to new table Make "Batch Import" default

Java 17 - Bundle Java 17 with installers Support the ed25519 algorithm for SSH

OS Support: Windows - Remove support for Windows 32-bit

OS Support: macOS - The DbVisualizer window title bar background should follow General / Appearance setting in macOS System Preferences

SQL Commander - Add "@command ignore/resume" to ignore/resume executing any client-side commands Add the "@stop now" client-side command used to stop the execution of the script

SQL History - Make "Search Full Script" default in SQL History

zapm by Sergey Mikhailenko

fixed GetListModules


fixed quality code upd readme


fix code

iris-fhir-portal by Henrique Gonçalves Dias

Fixed image version Thank you @Robert Cemper ;)

Config-API by Lorenzo Scalese
  • Add REST Api for Security package.
  • Add %Admin_secure resource setting for the web application.

Open API Client Gen by Lorenzo Scalese
  • Fix a method generator issue with simple HTTP client.
  • Minor fix (content-type was not correctly detected)

objectscript-docker-template by Evgeny Shvarov

Embedded Python support is introduced: env variables and Callin Service on.

intersystems-iris-dev-template by Evgeny Shvarov

Embedded python support is introduced

iris-embedded-python-template by Evgeny Shvarov

A few demo calls IRIS from Python are introduced in /python/


Module version bump

Wsock-Embedded-Py by Robert Cemper

fix missing Docker host IP address forl local echo server

Using-ZPM-for-Node.js by Robert Cemper

adjust the public echo server

WebTerminal by Nikita Savchenko

New release for ZPM


New release for ZPM


ZPM version publish

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