· Oct 2, 2022

InterSystems Open Exchange Applications September 2022 Digest

Hey Developers! Here is a digest of new solutions and applications submitted to the InterSystems Open Exchange in September 2022.
General Stats:
20 new apps in September
588 downloads in September
686 applications all time
20,928 downloads all time
1,837 developers joined

New Applications (20)
iris-energy-isodata by Muhammad Waseem
Access energy data of Major ISOs in the United States
samba-iris-adapter by YURI MARX PEREIRA GOMES
InterSystems IRIS Support to Samba protocol (smb v2/v3)
DC Analytics by Evgeniy Potapov
InterSystems Developer Community analytics.
Sustainable Machine Learning by Lucas Enard
Sustainable Machine Learning for the InterSystems contest
Recycler by Oleh Dontsov
An app that makes recycling easy
appmsw-banks-ru by Sergey Mikhailenko
An example of working with the service for updating the list of Russian banks
n8n-nodes-iris by Dmitry Maslennikov
Support for InterSystems IRIS in an automation platform n8n
interoperability-test by Oliver Wilms
Unit Test Interoperability production interface
interoperability-soap by Oliver Wilms
Tool to help troubleshoot Generic SOAP Service interface
Community objectscriptQuality by Daniel
ObjectScript code analysis for community projects
Digistat Connect by Sabri Romdhani
Multiple medical devices. One solution to harvest their data.
iris-flow by José Roberto Pereira
IRIS Flow is a tool which lets you create IRIS Interoperability productions just by connecting building blocks
Digistat Smart Central by Sabri Romdhani
Enhancing visibility of patient conditions
iris-climatiq-adapter by José Roberto Pereira
An IRIS Interoperability adapter for using the Climatiq API
iris-ftp-sample by YURI MARX PEREIRA GOMES
Sample showing how to use InterSystems IRIS FTP Adapter
FHIRDrop FHIRBox by Ron Sweeney
Dropbox and Box to FHIR via MFT
demo-deployment by Dmitry Maslennikov
Deploy Demo of your InterSystems IRIS application
The Ascom Myco 3 smartphone by Sabri Romdhani
The Myco 3 makes information accessible to clinicians
iris-python-interoperability-template by Guillaume Rongier
A template to build interoperability component in pure python
grpc-iris-interop by Guillaume Rongier
Proof of concept of a gRPC implementation with IRIS
New Releases (12)
Git for Shared Development Environments by Timothy Leavitt

Fixed: * Correctly detects filesystem mappings in a package manager context * Improved performance by removing redundant git status calls

production-monitor by Oliver Wilms

I added a sample production and I built a Docker container image.

zpm-registry by Evgeny Shvarov

Support for deployed modules

iris-megazord by José Roberto Pereira

Added feature for editing saved flows

DeepSeeWeb by Anton Gnibeda
  • updated mdx2json dependency version

Docker InterSystems Extension by Dmitry Maslennikov

Public release on Docker Desktop Marketplace

apptools-admin by Sergey Mikhailenko

fixed module export to xlsx


added bump module

zapm by Sergey Mikhailenko

added ShowLog module

IRIS apiPub by Claudio Devecchi

Improvements and bug fixes

interoperability-embedded-python by Guillaume Rongier
  • fix de-serialization of date, datetime, time

isc-ipm-js by Timothy Leavitt

Fixed * Web application files are copied to proper target, not the current working directory

Top 10 Applications in September

Top 10 Applications All Time

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