· May 3, 2023

InterSystems Open Exchange Applications Digest of April 2023

Hey Developers! 

Here is a digest of new solutions and applications submitted to the InterSystems Open Exchange in April 2023.

General Stats:
15 new apps in April
573 downloads in April
713 applications all time
24,920 downloads all time
2,116 developers joined

New Applications (15)
iris-mlm-explainer by Muhammad Waseem
Create, Train, Validate, Predict and Explore ML models
Sheep’s Galaxy by Maria Gladkova
Example of using InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL and IntegratedML
AI text detection by Oleh Dontsov
Is your text generated by AI?
IntegratedML-IRIS-Cloud-Height-prediction by shanshan
Height and weight prediction based on InterSystems IntegratedML
superset-iris by Dmitry Maslennikov
Apache Superset support for IRIS
Tokenize sensitive data, store it on Cloud SQL and get it after
JsonTraceViewer by Guillaume Rongier
Display trace as JSON
audit-consolidator by Oliver Wilms
Consolidate Audit data from any IRIS instances to IRIS Cloud SQL
Customer churn predictor by Oleh Dontsov
Checking customer churn with IntegratedML
workshop-multiple-instances by Luis Angel Pérez Ramos
Project for mirror training purpose.
workshop-dicom-orthanc by Luis Angel Pérez Ramos
Full example of a DICOM communication IRIS - PACS
workshop-sql-jgw by Luis Angel Pérez Ramos
Workshop about an IRIS production with a JDBC connection to a MySQL database throught JGW
PyHelper by Alexander Woodhead
Python Interop for invocation, arguments and return types
workshop-smart-data-fabric by Alberto Fuentes
Learn the main ideas involved in developing a Smart Data Fabric using InterSystems IRIS
OMOP and Atlas on IRIS for Health by Raj Singh
Implementation of the OMOP common data model on IRIS for Health
New Releases (19)
DeepSeeWeb by Anton Gnibeda
  • added new design for pivot tables (#311)
  • fixed issue with embed=1 (#361)
  • added support for setFilter, setRowSpec actions (#281)
  • added sourceURL generation for addon files loaded at runtime for better access using dev tools
  • fixed issue with highcharts map rendering charts
  • fixed click filter for world map (#183)
  • fixed issue with pivot table style (#311)
  • changed date format for MDX requests for horolog (#338)
  • fixed refresh issue for pivot table (#188)
  • added check for date picker filter by targetPropertyDataType equals to %DeepSee.Time.DayMonthYear

* fixed issue with date picker and single date selection

  • fixed issue with pivot table style (#311)
  • changed date format for MDX requests for horolog (#338)
  • fixed refresh issue for pivot table (#188)
  • added "Open analyzer" context menu item for the widget (#364)
  • now filter popup opens above filter field if there is not enough free space below field (#362)

MDX2JSON by Eduard Lebedyuk

KPI drillthrough


dimension type


more info





iris-interoperability-template by Evgeny Shvarov

Now supports JSON messages representation using json-trace package by Guillame Rongier

zpm-dockerhub by Evgeny Shvarov

Support of environment variables and initial scripts is introduced.

added support for environment variables to set username, password and namespace

if set IRIS_USERNAME and user does not exists it will create, by default _SYSTEM user is used if set IRIS_PASSWORD it will set password for IRIS_USERNAME or for _SYSTEM by default if set IRIS_NAMESPACE it will create the namespace, default is USER

Support of initialization scripts is introduced.

mount folder with scripts to /docker-entrypoint-initdb.d/ expected extensions sql, sql.gz and sh

sh file may contain shebang like this, will be executed in IRIS_NAMESPACE

#!/usr/bin/env iriscli

write !,"Hello"
zpm "install dsw"

sql file, will be executed in Python Embedded mode by irissqlcli


docker run -it \
 -p 9090:52773
 -e IRIS_PASSWORD=demo \
 -e IRIS_USERNAME=demo \

Will start IRIS with already defined user demo with password demo, and created namespace DEMO

Supports Docker secrets, too

ISC DEV by Gevorg Arutiunian

Contest badge removed

Serenji by John Murray
  • Correctly fetch password when connecting via a Server Manager tree entry.
  • Upgrade embedded Deltanji to version 7.1.

interoperability-embedded-python by Guillaume Rongier

Enhancement :

  • Add support of python 3.6 (RedHat 8.x)
  • Deployment with PyPi

Fixes :

  • file an folder named with "_"
  • stronger check on Message
  • fix regression in message
  • fix support of 2023.1
  • bump version
  • no fix, no features

intersystems-iris-dev-template by Evgeny Shvarov

Make template images tiny. Using Guillaume Rongier's approach, learn more.

zpm-registry by Evgeny Shvarov

Unpublish package endpoint added.

DELETE /packages/:package/:version

To turn unpublishing on add delete-enabled: true into zpm-registry.yaml (this file should be placed in the IRIS installation folder)

Top 10 Applications in April

Top 10 Applications All Time

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