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InterSystems Open Exchange Applications Digest of May 2023

Hey Developers! 

Here is a digest of new solutions and applications submitted to the InterSystems Open Exchange in May 2023.

General Stats:
10 new apps in May
1,096 downloads in May
728 applications all time
26,024 downloads all time
2,163 developers joined

New Applications (10)
csvgen-python by Evgeny Shvarov
Embedded python app creates table and loads data from CSV
riris by Pietro Montorfano
Remote InterSystems IRIS command execution
iris-openai by Francisco López
Library for use Open AI
generate-dates by Asaf Sinay
Generate a CSV file containing dates with additional information
Nomenclator by Luis Angel Pérez Ramos
Face recognition using Embedded Python and IRIS in Docker
samples-bi-demo by Evgeny Shvarov
Demo of InterSystems IRIS BI cubes, pivots and dashboards in DSW
InterSystems Testing Manager for VS Code by John Murray
Integrate the %UnitTest framework with VS Code
Interopway REST by Cristiano José da Silva
Repositório com conjunto de classes para auxiliar no desenvolvimento de integrações que consomem serviços REST
iris-pkcs7-util by Guillaume Rongier
An util to create CMS/pkcs7 object
fhir-profile-validation by Dmitry Zasypkin
Validating FHIR resources against profiles
New Releases (50)
dsw-map by Semion Makarov

Issue with docker building was fixed.


Cubes building was changed to asynchronous

DeepSeeWeb by Anton Gnibeda
  • fixed horizontal scroll in pivot tables (#366)
  • fixed state of exclude filters (#367)
  • fixed series reset after filtering (#140)
  • fixed back button issue after KPI drillthrough (#291)
  • for KPI drillthrough data properties filtering now disabled (#291)
  • added drillthrough action to text meters (#368)
  • fixed datepicker issue with horolog and timezones (#338)
  • added filter state display for widgets (#369)
  • mdx2json endpoint now relative to dsw installation path (#379)
  • fixed default color for Highcharts lines (#380)
  • dev internal:
    • added search component
    • changed modal styles, refactored modals
    • changed styles for sidebar, refactored sidebar service
    • added support for navigation on sidebar keeping previous instances of component alive, this is used in the designer to be able to go back
  • designer mode (#121):
    • added tabs, dropdown, input with picker, file selection components to use in designer
    • added designer panel and base sections
    • added data source selection and widget type list for designer
  • fixes for mdx2json path
  • fixed issue with an invisible header after login
  • fixed fullscreen widget position and styles. prevent resizing in fullscreen. fixed sidebar overlap
  • now fullscreen mode can be activated by double-clicking on the widget header
  • added new icons for widgets
  • fixed issue with search on the dashboard, when searching from folder
  • fixed issue with a dashboard loading spinner
  • fixed styling issue with bottom padding on dashboards
  • fixed issue with context menu on empty widget
  • fixed "Copy MDX" and "Share" dialog styles
  • changed the style of the main scrollbar on the dashboard screen
  • fixed styles for dashboard editor, new components used
  • fixed styles for app settings
  • fixed styles for theme settings
  • fixed issue when pressing menu during editing folders screen
  • fixed issue with widget resizing when there is an error displayed on widget (unable to resize)
  • designer mode (#121):
    • added "Edit widget" context menu item
    • added widget saving
    • added restoring of dashboard and widget state after canceling editing
    • added message if the user has unsaved changes during widget creation/editing
    • added MDX generation for the edited widget
    • added ability to change the data source for the edited widget
    • added the ability to link widget to another
    • added ability to change the widget type
    • widget leaves fullscreen mode, if the "edit widget" menu item has been chosen from the context menu
    • header buttons are now hidden for the edited widget
    • context menu is now hidden for the edited widget
    • fixed Safari styling of input with the select button
  • dev internal:
    • improved performance of widget rendering
    • optimized widget resizing
    • added type=numeric support for "dsw-input" component
    • optimized widget position and size saving
    • added minimum height support for modal dialogs, refactored modal size styles
    • widget list now is not using async pipe for rendering
    • refactored dashboard screen class
    • sidebar now can create components with single instance(used by widget editor)
  • fixed navigation to ZEN if dsw installed not in the root (#381)
  • added widget deletion. button placed in the editor panel footer and on the widget header in editor mode (#121)
  • fixed issue trying to edit/add another widget when editor already opened
  • new widget size and position now generated and saved for Zen (#121)
  • added validation and messages support for the editor (#121)
  • added validation for widget name/datasource/reference (#121)
  • dev internal:
    • widget types converted to camelCase
    • changed styles for non-default modal buttons
  • fixed issue with donutChart3D type

ISC DEV by Gevorg Arutiunian

Added final result and stop-on-error parameter when checking BI error status


bug fix


bug fix


Bug fix


Added status check and some bugs fixed


Check for dashboard existence added


renamed the method

sqlalchemy-iris by Dmitry Maslennikov
  • Added support for the latest SQLAlchemy 2.0
  • Added support for Alembic (migration tool)
  • many bugfixes

superset-iris by Dmitry Maslennikov

With the latest version of SQLAlchemy-IRIS, Superset can now use IRIS as a database for its own operational needs

csvgen by Evgeny Shvarov

Fix unittest naming issue


bugfix for RHEL, Ubuntu

IRIS apiPub by Claudio Devecchi

%JSON.Adaptor compatibility for parsing and dispatching


%JSON.Adaptor compatibility


%JSON.Adaptor prioritized over %XML.Adaptor


%JSON.Adaptor prioritized over %XML.Adaptor


%JSON.Adaptor prioritized over %XML.Adaptor


%JSON.Adaptor prioritized over %XML.Adaptor


%JSON.Adaptor compatibility


bug fixes on %JON.Adaptor compatibility


wizard improvements for publishing BPL-based APIs (interoperability)


bug fixes & new samples for interoperability


Improvements - Api's are published in the same order as the methods were implemented in the dispatch class


improvements on samples classes

workshop-multiple-instances by Luis Angel Pérez Ramos

Included classes for Phonebook and Company applications.

MDX2JSON by Eduard Lebedyuk

IsCellNull remove $$$DeepSeeResultsGLVN visibility check



Get all datasources




New widget creation


error fix


Error reporting


Error fix





iris-analytics-template by Evgeny Shvarov

Automatic unit tests for dashboards and pivots introduced

SQL DATA LENS by Andreas Schneider

3.13 released on 2023-03-03 * ENH : SQL Editor : More new IRIS keywords are hightlighted, e.g. for new Windows Functions * ENH : SQL Editor : New code completion for “SET OPTION” * ENH : SQL Editor : New Generic CodeCompletion provider for all other databases than IRIS\CACHE e.g. MS SQL SERVER * ENH : TableViewer : Rebuild Index works now for IRIS. This is executed with %NOLOCK %NOJOURN * ENH : TableViewer : Tune Table works now for IRIS. * ENH : TableViewer : New Tune Table with %RECOMPILE_CQ: will recompile the cached query classes using the new Tune Table statistics.The new action * ENH : New Driver 3.6.1 from InterSystems IRIS 2022.2 added * FIXED: SQL Editor : Connection handling for the SQL Editor has been improved. Each SQL Editor uses only one “private” connection. * Querying the namespace objects created a second public connection. This caused the editor to open more slowly. This is now fixed. The editor now only needs one database connection. * A public connection is now only created when navigating in the server navigator. The server navigator uses its own connection, independent of any open editor. * ENH : Windows setup works now with lowest privileges. * FIXED: Scriptmanager : Scrollbars in Scriptmanager window fixed. * FIXED: ServerNavigator : Connectionhandling is now faster * ENH : Setup : Setup comes now with asigned uninstaller, so the “unknown publisher” message is gone by unstalling SQL DATA LENS * Setup can now be executed in non administrative mode * ENH : Flat Look and Feel updated to 3.0 ( * ENH : Many internal libs upgraded

3.12 released on 2022-09-18 * ENH : SQL Editor : Min\Max\Avg\Sum values are calculated on selection in tablegrid Image * ENH : SQL Editor : Sorting performance in grid improved * ENH : From table results the new option “Copy pretty formatted” is available Image * ENH : More visible connection details for IRIS, eg. using shared memory, server local, and more… Image * FIXED: Open TOP 1000 rows of a table produce in some situations invalid sql statement * ENH : TableViewer : Performance improvments for SQL Server connections

zapm by Sergey Mikhailenko

Fixed module file

interoperability-embedded-python by Guillaume Rongier
  • Init support of manager
    • Manager is a set of classes to help you manage and configure production directly in python
    • class support
      • Configure class to register
      • Configure production
    • Director suupport
      • Start/Stop production
      • Log into standard output
  • add support of command line
  • add support of files

iris-rest-api-template by Evgeny Shvarov

Dockerfile simplified Swagger link is added Extensions recommendations added

DBeaver by Serge Rider

Changes since 22.3:
March 13, 2023
Database drivers: * A new ODBC driver was added ChatGPT: * OpenAI (ChatGPT) integration was implemented out-of-the-box in PRO versions Cloud Explorer: * Azure Cloud support was added * PostgreSQL and MySQL support was added in Azure Cloud Accessibility: * The text reader for the entity editor was improved * The text reader for the data grid was improved * Font settings are now respected in all editors/popups * Many new keyboard shortcuts were added * The catalog/schema selector now supports keyboard-only mode * Reader texts were localized Data Editor: * A few elements and behavior in Data Editor were redesigned * The issues with filtering and ordering data were fixed * The context menu was improved SQL Editor: * Query generation from human language text was added * The query execution plan was improved * Auto-completion issues were fixed Data transfer: * Data export to Google Sheets and Google Drive was added * Data export in SQL INSERT format now supports custom target table name configuration Databases: * PostgreSQL: The ability to create a full backup and SSL keys automatic conversion was added * SQL Server: VARCHAR(MAX) data type support and table column comments support were added * MongoDB: issues with running db.runCommand, JSON view and boolean values display were fixed * Teradata: multiple issues were resolved, including secure zones support and Kerberos authentication * Snowflake: Schema Compare and Table constraints reading issues were fixed * Redshift: The issue with access to Redshift Datashare was resolved

Top 10 Applications in May

Top 10 Applications All Time

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