· Jun 30, 2020

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform Container changePassword not working


I am pretty new to Docker and everything around that. I installed the container image from DockerHub and followed the instructions ( Everything is working fine except for the part where I want to change the default password.


I followed the instructions from this article ( and the result was:

docker run --name iris3 --detach --publish 9091:51773 --publish 9092:52773 --volume C:\Users\user1\Desktop\TL5\DockerProjekt\warenverwaltung\container\IRISDataPlatform\password:/external 92ecaf86671c --before "cp /external/password.txt /external/password_copied.txt && /usr/irissys/dev/Cloud/ICM/ /durable/password_copied.txt"


The problem was that "" doesnt exist inside the container. So I deleted the --before part to start the container and get inside it. I followed the path and saw that there are just "" and "".  Using "" resulted in a permission denied error, but "" seems to work - The container is up and running and i am able to open the management portal. 


The next problem is that I cant login with my password written in password.txt. I just typed "admin" in password.txt but when I try to login with 

Username: _SYSTEM

PW: admin

it fails. Same for

Username: Admin

PW: admin

Even the login via _SYSTEM and SYS isnt working anymore.


Do you know what I am doing wrong?


Info: 92ecaf is my Container Image ID becauer I used a Dockerfile to build a new image for testing. Also i am using a Windows Machine with Docker Desktop installed

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Hi Maik, is still in the container, but its location has moved.  It is in the PATH for your container, so if you delete the absolute-path portion and use " /durable/password_copied.txt" you should be up and running. is an internal tool and we don't recommend customers use it.

Hope this helps.