· Dec 14, 2022

InterSystems Ideas News #2

Hello Community!

Welcome to the new edition of the InterSystems Ideas News! Learn what we've been up to this past couple of weeks.

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Curious about what is going on with all the great ideas you've been submitting to our InterSystems Ideas Portal? Here is the current status breakdown:

✓ 58 ideas are being triaged by InterSystems Product Managers.

✓ 43 ideas can be implemented by Developer Community members.

✓ 11 ideas are being implemented by InterSystems.

✓ 2 ideas are already implemented by InterSystems.

9 ideas are implemented by Developer Community members.

To make it clearer what stages your ideas are going through here is the diagram: 

A tiny reminder, you can filter ideas by status, post new ideas for public discussion, vote for existing ideas, and comment on them on our InterSystems Ideas Portal!

Stay tuned for the next InterSystems Ideas news bulletin and get creative in the meantime!

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Hello Community!

Several users have asked me why the number of ideas in some statuses they see in the InterSystems Ideas is different from the number I mentioned in the news bulletin.
I will try to explain it in this comment. Experts analyze your ideas daily. Thus, the status of analyzed or implemented ideas changes. In general, the number of ideas in the "Needs review" status is decreasing. And the number of ideas implemented by InterSystems and ideas that can be implemented by members of the Developer Community is increasing.

Have a nice day.