· Jan 18, 2023

InterSystems Ideas News #3

Hey Community! 

Welcome to the 3rd edition of the InterSystems Ideas news bulletin! Curious about what has happened on the Ideas Portal since the previous one? Read on!

First of all, we've created a short video that explains the lifecycle of the ideas on the Portal:

⏯ Lifecycle of ideas on the InterSystems Ideas
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The most important piece of news is a brand new section on the portal - Portal Guide which contains:

 ✓ information about the Ideas Portal goal,

✓ a complete list of idea's statuses with their description,

✓ links related to the portal.

Want to see something else there? Drop us a line in the comments!

Another interesting tidbit is that 11 of your ideas are already in the status "Planned or in Progress".

As usual, don't forget to vote, comment, and subscribe to the ideas to track and influence their progress.

We're looking forward to your ideas on the InterSystems Ideas portal!

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